New Free 5 min #Stress relief – #Zen Hypnosis – Guided #Meditation

New Free 5 min #Stress relief – #Zen Hypnosis – Guided #Meditation

Just released a ‘5 min Stress Relief guided meditation – a preview from my forthcoming collaborative album with Kinga Oldham named ‘Zen Hypnosis- Anxiety Release Guided Meditation‘.

This is a soft and inspiring guided meditation embracing the principles of NLP, Hypnosis, Zen and mindfulness meditation. Creating a peaceful and instant stress relief exercise to increase your self esteem, confidence, motivation and wellness while simultaneously reducing feelings of sadness, anxiety, depression and anger.

Practice your moment of acceptance and free yourself from years of built up anguish and pain. You have all the tools you need right now, inside yourself. This meditation is but a mirror for your inner truth to empower and inspire you into your greatest unfolding.

The subtle collaborative effects of a bi-neural resonance with the two voices overlay offers a hypnotic self relaxing moment of stillness. Caught in the middle between the two moments of now you will find a stillness that will weave through your body


What is Anxiety and How to reduce it?

Anxiety is a major issue for a lot of people and many don’t know what to do. There are many different forms of anxiety, from social anxiety to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to panic attacks (which can happen when no one is around). All of these forms of anxiety can be experienced as an excess adrenaline release into the body. Adrenaline is a stress hormone that is released from the adrenal glands which sit on top of the kidneys. Adrenaline is a very useful hormone. It tells us when we are in danger and thus in need of a heightened sense of awareness, strength and focus. That’s what adrenaline does, it shuts everything down and pushes all the power and attention to the muscles for a fight or flight reaction. It’s a survival mechanism that has evolved over many millions of years. However our modern living has thrown a curve ball at this mechanism as we shall see. The kidneys are blood processors, they take and cleanse the blood. Each hour the kidneys process all the blood in the body through them around 12 times!

Physiologically there are processes going on, but energetically the kidneys are the emotional center of the body. These are where (in connection to the solar plexus) all your emotions are interpreted by your personality. The kidneys act like metal detectors reading the encoded signals on the blood molecules as they pass by. The kidneys get a sense of interactive ‘live view’ of the inside world of the body (determined largely by the outside world). Now traumas that occurs in sudden shock (like in PTSD) or gradually like in social anxiety, get encoded in the body (then transported by the blood) and then the kidneys (and adrenal glands) end up reacting out of synchrony with the actual environmental situation.

We record memories inside the body system and the blood is one of the major transporters of this information (the other major one is the connective tissue matrix). So what do you do when you have an excess adrenaline release that is not fitting to the situation? I mean if a tiger has just jumped out in front of you and growled in your general direction, you might want that extra adrenaline to get the hell out of there. Baring that, we need a way to reduce these symptoms and the answer is highly effective, if not somewhat counter intuitive!

%Spiritual life coachin %Mindfulness meditation anxietyIt’s (unsurprisingly) connected to breath. Your solar plexus is the area where your diaphragm controls breathing. You will notice that with excess adrenaline will come a kind of excess quickening of the breath. In a lot of cases there is a holding of the breath until the moment of release. This offers a kind of elastic band reaction. You hold on so that you can ‘spring forward’ further. It’s like jumping down on a diving board so you can spring further up. In the same way people hold their breath so that when they actually do breath there is a greater influx of energy into the body for a fast reaction. Now imagine you aren’t running anywhere, nor are you fighting and you do this breath holding spring. Well then you’re going to have an excessive heart beat and nothing to ‘spend’ it on!

So here’s what you do. You breathe and accept. You allow the diaphragm and thus the solar plexus to FEEL – really FEEL the discomfort of the anxiety without trying to destroy it. You see this anxiety is a part of you. It is YOU. You created it, even if you don’t want it now you have to admit that it was birthed from you. And it’s not its fault if you don’t need it around anymore. It’s just doing its job!! So honour it with the space and time to listen and feel what its saying to you. This way when you breathe with acceptance you surrender the tension you’ve been holding and offer yourself a chance to undo the encoding trauma that created the anxious reaction in the first place.

So the answer is to surrender into the emotion. No longer do you try and seek out a method to destroy the offending emotion. On the contrary, you love it to death!! Well in fact you love it so it melts into another energy. You love it so it can let go of its mission statement, feel completed and allow itself to be reabsorbed back into you. This is EXACTLY what cancer is about. Fighting cancer is the same stupid approach. It is about loving the parts of you that are (through no fault of their own) going against the general consensus of the rest of the body.

Give yourself the space to be heard and you shall realise how fighting is not as effective as loving!

Please enjoy and share.


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