Djed-Zen Meditation Courses – By private booking

‘Make Meditation Your Habit’ –

12 Week Course Option

Begin the new year with establishing a ritual of self care. Meditation is the key to unlocking your inner power & greater self esteem.

Each Course Includes:

  • A live 90-minute classes (one per week, with 2 different times to choose from, see below)
  • Access to your class’ recordings
  • Digital Copy of my book ‘Evolve’ (
  • 30-minute coaching session with me for personal wellbeing enhancement

All for just $99 per month (or 12 weeks for $199)

Rolling Course Structure:

Meditation classes cycle through various themes, while continuing to focus and bring our attention back to breathe and the fundamental nature of unconditional acceptance. How can self acceptance of both the shadow and the light free us from the prison of judgement and self confusion. Each week we’ll explore a different focus, giving you another tool to help you surrender techniques so that you may ‘void into yourself’.

  • Breathe & Self Acceptance – Surrendering into allowing is accepting the self. The breath is the symbolic and actual connection to this principle of Universal loving care. In every breath, is our every opportunity to re-member again the nature of nature
  • Mudras & Postures – Memories are stored in our somatic body systems. Holding different structures in our system enables us to ‘tune’ into different patterns of creation usually outside of our perception.
  • Sounds of the Universe – In the beginning was the word – then there was light. Sound is the movement of the Universe. All things are carried forth on the rhythmic pulse of creation. Tuning into resonant fields in the body allow us to negate the mental dominance and feel nature through the piezoelectric union of all our atoms.
  • Trust – Recognizing that something will do what it is ‘supposed’ to do is the essence of trust. The Universe trusts all the galaxies to do what they are supposed to do, the galaxies in-turn trust the solar systems and they in turn trust the star and planets. This principle has been passed down and from the Earth to us is that same total trust. Tuning into this trust reminds us , wee are as we are supposed to be and in lies freedom from guilt, blame and self rejection.
  • Chakra Meditation – Journey through the vortex points of creation. At each level of self we find a neutral point, where duality emerges from source. At these locations our defined self, including emotional issues and beliefs, reside. Visiting them with authentic acceptance and reverence can free us from their pattern.
  • Solar Plexus Self-Esteem – The Solar plexus is particularly special to us as our personality lives there. This is the center point of the ego as well as the location of the diaphragm. Each breath activates sensations of self acceptance and self worth. Honouring the self reveals deep wells of self esteem reserves, reflected in every micro moment of appreciation.
  • Crystal Meditation – The entire body is a living piezoelectric fluid crystal. It converts pressure waves into electro magnetic fields and vice versa. Mineral crystals are similar. They also serve as lenses through which reflective truths are revealed. Tuning into these reality portals increases our awareness to our own subtle bodies.
  • Mandala & Yantra Meditation: An unusual open eyes meditation. Tuning into the sacred geometry of the image allowing the mathematical codes infused within to activate your own inner unique genius. These fractal holographic patterns are sign posts to access exploration beyond the self.
  • Forgiveness Mediation: Deep forgiveness of painful experiences is key to resonating with the Universal principle of unconditional acceptance. We journey into painful memories and allow space for acceptance, not for the other person but for our whole selves.
  • Emotional Freedom: Often emotions are held back out of fear they will damage us or others around us. All our emotions want is to feel honored and seen. This meditation takes us through into courageously embracing all aspects of ourselves, even those we would eradicate. Time for deep, loving reverence of all our emotions.
  • Astral Bodies Meditation: We are more than simply a physical and mental body. As we become more and more aware of the subtle, the fields of our awareness extend. Our astral body has the ability to extend beyond the physical dimension and if still enough, our conscious mind can surf it. This is a honed skill of surrendering in trust and allowing our minds to stay with boundless possibility. Much like past life regressions, we allow the mind to form description of worlds beyond our own.
  • Semi Silence: Learning how to sit in the silence and be comfortable is the real state of meditation – this semi guided class allows you to be in the stillness and silence while having the reminders from the teacher to be still, allow and surrender.
  • Mantra & Space Beyond Mind – Exploring your consciousness beyond the limits held by the mind. Using sacred activated sounds creates a resonance in the brian and mind to allow for access to more gentle subtle bodies of consciousness.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Access to the stillness within
  • A foundational meditation practice 
  • Confidence to sustain the meditation habit (and any other positive habits you choose)
  • Improved work-life wellbeing
  • Increased focus, attention & multitasking
  • Greater physical health, lower cortisol and higher Heart Rate Variability
  • Deeper experience with your intuition as a guiding force

Discover More About Djed-Zen

The great joining of something to become nothing and thus freedom to be anything again.

The Djed (pronounced JED) is an ancient Egyptian concept referenced in Indian mythology as well ( it is also where ‘Jedi’ comes from). Djed refers to the central column of the Kundalini spiral, which is YOU before the split of the Yin and Yang, the Ida and Pingala, the duality that defines our personalities. Embracing this collaboration of opposites empowers you to transform previously solid edges of perception into new forms. This sort of ‘magic’ is well known to transformational coaches who use both dimensions of self, shadow and the light, to melt limits and create a new aligned emergent of self free from previous boundaries and trauma inflicted limits. It is with the self acceptance of opposites that allows you to grow beyond the boundaries placed upon you daily.

The ZEN part represents the non action surrender of effort. Inside the embrace of the Djed must be an all accepting of all aspects without judgement. This allowing of the presence of duality, the light and the dark if you will, is what is referred to as the “Path-less Path to the Gate-less Gate!” Prepare yourself for the unsolvable paradox that is a realization called Zen.

Class Times & Dates:

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