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Wellness Wizard, In Service to Your Magic

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NEW: Djed-Zen Meditation Course Feb, March & April 2021 –
“Make Meditation Your Habit”


In service to your personal growth which radiates to others. Stimulate your inner power! To ‘inspire’ is to breathe spirit in! As a Creative Genius Coach, Markabadi shares how to access your unique creative mastery. Expereince Markabadi as a Creative Genius Coach and activate your inner Muse. Teacher, Author & Speaker.


In service to your rememberance of inner peace. The peace comes from the acceptance and deep appreciation for all that is. This generative acceptance of your own polarities enables alchemy within your inner stillness point. Alchemise your reality! Experience Markabadi as a Djed-Zen Meditation Teacher 


In service to your personal healing, removing wounds and reviving your inspiration! Experence Markabadi as an Internationally qualified Holistic Somatic Therapist  including  Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Aromatheray &  Energy Medicine.

There’s Magic in the Air!

Why Wizardry?

Fundamentally, everything Markabadi does is about creating an enchanted space for your Creatie Genius to feel empowered. Whether in personal one to one coaching, group classes or written work, there’s magic within every breath we receive. A Wizard is considered a mythical magical being. We’re all magical when we recognize the music of the Universe present in every moment. There are no tricks, there simply is a pervasive realisation of the background hum of perfection coming from the Universe! This ‘retuning’ allows for the compressed wave of reality to melt into alchemy of change. 

Markabadi is dedicated in service to empowering you to positively manifest your own ideal future. We’re all able to create a joyful life for ourselves. Everyone can have everything they desire from life. The question is ‘What do you really want?’ What part of the future is really key to your happiness and wellbeing? What allows you to feel most comfortable BEing your authentic self? It might be through some uncomfortable pathways. Along our journeys ‘to the now’, we’ve picked up some wounds and limiting beliefs which form habit patterns that block our vision.

Markabadi is present to enchant and encourage you back into empowered Creative Genius.

Superpowers & Specialties


Meditation is a practice of inner surrender, allowing stillness to expand and fill your awareness with exquisite simplicity. There is a deep power within your breath adn within your own self reverance.  Behind all the effort, before all the story, is you. Sit in the enquiry of self ad wonder of your being.


Finding the magic that is your Dharma is the most vital thing for a joyful and fulfilled life. Creative Genius coaching is a deeply transformational reflection into the workings of your authentic self. Discover your shining starlight at your center. Be inspired by your own passion, so that ‘doing work’ becomes ‘joyfully playing’!


Crystalizing your creative process is your gift to the world. Learning the technology and techniques to create your professional media output can sometimes distract you from the creative process. As a self published author Markabadi has the experience and know how to get your manuscripts into published form. He has also created many video courses and can provide the expertise to get your most professional output. Markabadi has also been producing transformational experiences for over 20 years, from intimate experiences to 5000+ person festivals. Markabadi can help you with the practical tasks needed to output your creative genius.


Investing in your self is the best return for your exchange. Many people miss treating themselves with loving care because society has taught them somewhere, that others are more important than they are. ‘Put your own gas mask on first’, in otherwords, heal yourself first and you will be better equiped to serve others! Explore where you might be holding old traumas and release yourself with a deep tissue somatic experience. 

Production Testimonials

“Having worked alongside Markabadi first hand in event production, I can confidently say that his ability to organize and produce results is astounding. Crafting systems of collaboration around allotted resources and managing friction with logic and determination is a prized quality which he demonstrates great mastery over!”

%Spiritual life coachin %Mindfulness meditation anxiety
Jesse Eppinger

Event Producer

Markabadi has completely transformed the 2 huge annual Solstice Grove gatherings for me – I finally get to enjoy them. He is a fantastic producer who proactively takes charge of all the details confidently and capably!

%Spiritual life coachin %Mindfulness meditation anxiety
Jim Fournier

Planet Works & Solstice Grove

“Markabadi is one of the most committed and hard-working production managers I’ve partnered with. As the director of a nonprofit law firm, I have seen many people produce events – and Markabadi has some of these strongest talents I’ve seen”.

%Spiritual life coachin %Mindfulness meditation anxiety
Daniel Nelson

The Romero Institute

Therapy & Coaching Testimonials

“Enlightening, Fabulous…..experiencing first hand the amount of shifts I had during this course are incredible, absolutely incredible!”

%Spiritual life coachin %Mindfulness meditation anxiety
Tracy Lester

Therapy BodyTalk Practitioner

“Thank you for helping me to make a huge shift in my life….thank you especially for creating the space… that you can see and make those changes…..I recommend Mark as a teacher simply because he is a person who triggers, he’s a Master at it, he’s got an infectious way about him, he’s very capitating. He just allows you to open up, encourages you so much”

%Spiritual life coachin %Mindfulness meditation anxiety
Sharon Castle

Holistic Therapist

“Mark has a very unique way of holding space for someone that they really feel heard and he’s really and truly present, I’ve not experienced that with anyone else. I’ve enjoyed the gentle, humble space he provides…his brilliance way of entertaining….is so much fun, let alone the amazing words, insights and information he shares”

%Spiritual life coachin %Mindfulness meditation anxiety
Taryn Edge

BodyTalk Instructor