About Markabadi

Markabadi is a wellbeing specialist, focused on creating space for advancing personal excellence and wellness. He is a Meditation Teacher and Creative Genius Coach as well as a Somatic Therapist, Event Producer, Public Speaker and Author.

Markabadi’s passion is in cultivating spaces for the emergence of people’s creative genius, allowing them to discover their own internal Self Trust Fund. As a public speaker Markabadi has lectured across the globe in the science of energy medicine and the quantum consciousness of wellbeing, teaching and coaching 1000s.

In the past he’s been lead producer on many large (and smaller) in person (and online) festivals, conferences and gatherings. He is a ‘scaler’ and a diligent multitasker, managing multiple diverse teams to coordinate the synergised symphony of the creative process. See here for more Event Production work.   

His deepest passion is in empowering social permaculture and systems change at every level. He is a dedicated sacred space holder for the greatest transition of Human evolution towards courage, compassion, collaboration and community. He provides this through his Creative Genius Coaching and Djed-Zen Meditation Teaching

He’s currently living in Portland, Oregon, USA. He sees clients online.

In The Beginning:

Markabadi was born and raised in Manchester, England. After a chance meeting with a spiritual teacher at age 14, Markabadi began his inner exploration through meditation and philosophical investigation. He went on to red two degrees in Psychology focusing on health as well as multiple diplomas in Holistic and complementary medicine.

Early Work:

While studying Psychology, Markabadi observed a gap in the curriculum, the holistic nature of being was missing. Applying research techniques he dove into the study of complementary holistic therapy techniques, including reflexology, nutrition, aromatherapy and deep tissue massage. Markabadi joined a research institute exploring the physics of energy medicine. Working with this center he travelled to India and began presenting at scientific conferences across the globe. Markabadi hosted conferences and workshops in Singapore, South Africa and USA. He spent 10 years researching the electromagnetic nature of wellbeing. Around the same time he also began teaching meditation and spiritual life coaching.

Along the way he realised his ability to disseminate intricate theory in a fun, entertaining and creative way. He is a born stage performer, making the complex simple and exciting. His passion for the truth and reality comes through in his live performances and now his writings. Having lectured at international conferences on energy medicine and holistic integrated health, he was invited to host several conferences and teach on the new module in Energy Medicine, part of the Masters in Wellness at RMIT University in Australia.

Therapy Practice:

Markabadi also developed a unique integrative holistic platform called Psychapressure, providing space for people to shift their non-serving habit patterns. This is an interactive journey into the person’s pain to allow them to ‘burn in the fires of change’. Its principles include: there is nothing to fix, simple self acceptance, honoring our emotions and surrendering to the truth of who we are. You can find out more about this on the Somatic Therapy Massage page

In 2008 Markabadi began to collate his research on Science, Spirituality and Self.  He’s an expert on the interactive nature of the body’s energy systems and at maximising change through a multileveled therapy practice. With a great interest in how space resonates with Human health, happiness and wellbeing. In November 2012 after many years of working, Markabadi published his first book ‘evolve’. “It was difficult”, says Markabadi, “to know what to leave out. I have so much to share and I’m realising more and more daily. Evolve is a handbook for well being, it embodies the principles of complete happiness, freeing people from the thoughts of who they should be, so that they can be themselves!” – Take a look inside his book

In 2014 Markabadi moved to California, United States to connect with community and build structures to support and serve wellbeing. He has been involved deeply in event production and continues to bring people together around the common goal of community support and service. He produced 5000 person Yoga festivals as well as small 500 person gatherings. He ran social and environmental justice campaigns for non profits, as well as cultural festivals and online conferences.

In 2020 Markabadi began a live online interview show exploring the effects of COVID on luminaries and wisdom keepers. He conducted over 100 1hr interviews. While conducting these interviews he further realized the benefits of how enquiry serves to offer a healing space for people. Remembering the key Carl Jung said “The greatest gift we can give anyone is the space to be heard”.    

In 2021 Markabadi had the blessing of becoming a father. He moved to Portland to be closer to family.

Some of his past work includes:

Teaching Professor on a Masters of Wellness degree in The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia.

Researching the electromagnetic nature of the Human Energy Fields at India’s MIT, Pune.

Designing and delivering training courses on energy field assessment technology with the Centre for Biofield Science (www.biofieldsciences.com).

Designing and implementing research into the effects of complementary medicine on mental health, notably with the Singapore government group ‘The Sathya Sai Foundation for the Mentally Challenged Men’.

Delivering of research systems, workshops, training and key note lectures on the integration of health and well being to MDs physicians, therapists and organisations (ACPEM, ACEP, IMUNE, ISR & CPS).

Training doctors in implementing pioneering preventative healthcare regimes in India at Delhi’s, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH). Holding health camps, seeing hundreds of clients daily.

Founding an interactive community support group called ‘Holistic Manchester’ to offer a hub for discussion, research and exploration into natural holistic healthcare in the Northwest of UK. www.holisticmanchester.com

Hosting several conferences including; Unified Theories Conference (UTC) – Budapest 2008, Quantum Health Scandinavia (QHS) – Denmark 2008 and the Online Energy Medicine Exchange events 2013

Lead Producer on 4 x +5000 person, yoga and sacred music festivals Bhaktifest and Shaktifest in Joshua Tree, CA and Madison WA. 

Delivering lectures at: Association of Chartered Energy Psychologist (ACEP) – USA; Alternative and Complementary Health Research Network (ACHRN) – UK; Association of Chartered Physiotherapists working with Energy Medicine (ACPEM) – UK; The College of Psychic Studies (CPS) & The Inner Potential Centre – London, UK; World Academy of BioMedical Technology (WABT); International Medical University of Natural Education (IMUNE); The Institute for Strategic Research (ISR) – Budapest; The International UN Conference on Global Conflicts & Terrorism – Pune, India; Scientific Validation & International Technical Evaluation Systems (SVTEAMS II); International Society for Study of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine ISSSEEM – USA; Quantum Touch – USA; The International BodyTalk Association (IBA) –USA