Recorded Media & DVDs

Markabadi continues to create multimedia learning experiences. Many of these can be seen, for free, on YOUTUBE. Check out his latest media production. Below you can find a clip from a Conscious Media Network interview of Markabadi. 

Some of Markabadi’s DVDs are described below, which  are all available as downloads now. These workshop DVDs are guides to help explore the essence of self and allow you to let go of the things you never really held! See a full description of Markabadi’s live workshop experiences here

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1. Meditation for the Chaotic Mind DVD and Audio double is an exploration into the reasons behind why we resist and get in the way of our own peace of mind. Our stillness is always there in the background and if we can quiet the noise we can take advantage of the moment in all its essence. 

2. Quantum Philosophy and the Paradox of Consciousness is an exploration into the very philosophical nature of existence and consciousness. Where do your thoughts originate from? Who is the author? Not being able to think your way out of thinking or feel your way out of feeling, where would you learn to let go? Gaining a deeper understanding of how logical thought brings us to an inescapable collusion – We are trapped within our very consciousness! 

3. The Scientific Basis of Energy Medicine is based on the fantastic work of pioneers in the physics of biology and psychology, this DVD explores the nature of energy medicine and the science behind it. With detailed slides the viewer is taken through the laws and facts of physics and quantum physics that explain how information (energy) might move from one source (or individual) to another. This DVD is a deep scientific exploration of how energy medicine might interact with the biology, psychology and physiology of the body. Understand better how your therapy or healing practice works on the body system. Work of people such as James Oschman, Robert Becker and William Tiller will be discussed and explored.