Creative Genius Coaching

Life coaching is about helping you identify your goals and the most effective path towards them. Empowerment & Creative Genius Coaching is about helping you to reconnect with your true ‘North Star’, the focal point of your life’s creative force. In this journey home, you’ll discover what it means to honor your unique genius and as such realise your Spark. You will take a deeper step towards your source point reveals the true perfection in the Now of BEing oneself.

Creative Genius Coaching honors your unique magnificence and in doing so the paradoxical space where the light of what you want and the dark of what you want to avoid, is embraced with the principle of loving acceptance. The result,  accessing the ‘glow before the goal‘, where your journey is suddenly remembered as a living legacy to self.  Enabling you to become the primary investor in your SelfTrust Fund, revealing the joy within the journey and before the story got in the way.

Creative Genius Coaching guides you to a happier life, offering a mirror to the unhealthy patterns arising from stress and conflict in your life, while simultaneously holding a vision for your successful self to be activated. There is a magic to this practice which is similar to the magic that occurs in the quantum world of unified co-creative entanglement. It is from this unified space that your creative genius arrises.

The art of happiness is more simple than our chaotic minds would have us believe.  Happiness begins in the mindfulness of the moment, being present to all the clutter, stress and unbalanced habits that keep us stuck in an uninspired, fearful and unhealthy life.

What will Creative Genius Coaching do for you? 

There are many different types of life coaches to choose from. These are just some of the ways coaching will impact and transform your life.

  • Release the full power of your creative magnificence, fulfilling your life purpose, what you were designed to do.
  • Gain inner peace – Realizing your inner grace grants a sense of relief from the struggle of life, learning to enjoy the journey.
  • Ignite your true passion –  In fact your passion is already alight, it is simply about bringing oxygen to feed the flames of your heart. Removing unhealthy and fear based directions that sabotage your happiness. Learning how to allow your inspiration to feed your true wealth – your wellbeing-health.
  • Empower your flexibility to change – Expanding your courage and confidence to deal with any life challenges, in real time. As your identity in the center of self expands your grounded nature in nature, the Universal Principle of unconditional acceptance, engulfs you, freeing your BEing.
  • Clarify your authentic communication – In the center of your BEing there is a truth that is beyond any question. This space reminds you of the self love and self trust in your unique genius. This self trust will empower you to gain respect, loyalty and support from your friends, family and work colleagues.
  • Become more organised – By acknowledging the deep truths before your goals, you’ll release courage to face any rejection you’ve been holding. It’s this rejection that prevents your self-organisation by avoiding honoring your external space. In reflection once you honor your internal space, the external world follows.
  • Achieve your full integrated Wealth & fitness – Coming from your center, you will remember why you choose healthy actions, not because of some external pressure and stress, but because of your own inner truth is a desire to love oneself.
  • Realize the Universal Principle of love – Freeing yourself from the delusion that you’re not enough, not good enough, when you are in fact already perfectly you, just the way you are!
  • Rediscover your childlike happiness – To be happy is a right and a joy that we all experience at some point as children. This is because we are ‘newer’ beings and closer to remembering touching the void. Reclaim that connection to source, bringing mindfulness to the subtle moment of NOW, wherein lies all of creation and all of bliss.

Markabadi combines deep creative genius coaching with advanced meditation techniques to support your unfolding brilliance. The essence of the work is in decluttering the mental, physical and emotional spaces in your world so that you’re more able to cope with stressors. In addition reminding you that you believe you deserve to be happy. Your own inner peace is but a moment of stillness away.

From your source foundation a deep truth reveals your inner peace, where love and happiness are a given. You become free from choosing from fear, anxiety and stress. Most people attempt to bypass these simple happiness realisations, in favour of an imaginary future contented self. This tactic might well achieve goals of acquisition and possessions in the short term, however there will always be another target, another goal where ‘true’ contentment lies beyond! Start with inner contentment and then flourish into your desired direction.

Meditation, breath, mindfulness and relaxation are the fundamental building blocks to a happier life. With this relaxed foundation, one can authentically choose their behaviour change, opting for better nutrition, greater work life balance and declutter old, toxic, uninspiring habit patterns.

Creative Genius coaching is for those ready to shift the old patterns of self destructive behaviour. It’s for edge runners who want to achievement their goals and realise that being on the journey is the true prize.

This coaching service is a holistic integration of all aspects of your life, to enhance your total performance and satisfaction. With two degrees in Psychology, Markabadi utilizes evidence-based techniques from positive psychology,  occupational Health Psychology, and Holistic Medicine to reveal the nature of unwanted habits, opening paths to genuine positive behavior change that feeds your wellbeing.

Markabadi also integrates biophysics and informational energy medicine to encourage and support your evolution. This multifaceted type of spiritual life coaching also supports diverse goals, superior work focus, out-of-the-box creativity, and excellence in sports, giving you the extra edge.

Markabadi begins with a foundation of inner space arisen from 20 years teaching meditation and spiritual practices to move beyond the limits of mind.

If you want to achieve your highest potential and simultaneously become mindful of the happiness within every moment, then spiritual life coaching awaits.

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Each coaching package is tailored to each individual’s needs. Markabadi will work with you to find the best session structure to get your greatest results.