Integrative Therapy

Integrative therapy is an encompassing term given to practices that incorporate a fully diverse range of treatment approaches into the session. Integrative therapy blends techniques from the disciplines of biology, psychology, physics, chemistry and spirituality. Treatments with an Integrative therapy practitioner often have longer lasting results because issues are addressed at multiple levels of consciousness and solidity.

Individual 1 to 1 Sessions with Markabadi can occur in several ways. Whichever you choose, it’s important to understand that Markabadi’s approach is to provide an authentic reflection that will help you move towards your greatest wellbeing. Markabadi has two degrees in Psychology and is an internationally qualified Holistic and Complementary body Therapists, with specialties in: Deep Tissue Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Nutrition, and life coaching. Sessions are always best served blended together, however they can be divided into 4 options.

“What happens truly is holistic” See Testimonials

Holistic Somatic Body Therapy – Known cumulatively as Psychapressure

Designed to stimulate hidden muscular habit patterns locked in the physical, mental and energetic bodies. This work is physically intense and deep. It presses buttons you didn’t know you had. It is for those who really want to shift to a new level of operation. Transitional and transformation, this therapy practice enables a fully integrative somatic release of pain, physically and psychologically. Psychapressure is a combined coaching and physical treatment platform honouring integrative medicine and evolution.

This system can also be administered remotely, however is more effective in person so that physical work can be combined with the psychological and energetic clearings.

Spiritual Life Coaching & Mentoring

Life coaching is about helping you identify your goals and the most effective path towards them. We explore factors that are open motivators as well as the hidden anchors, to support this direction. Spiritual coaching is about helping you to reconnect with your true ‘North Star’, the focal point of your creative life force. In this journey home you will discover what it means to honor your creative genius and as such realise your Spark. A deeper step towards your source point reveals the true perfection in the Now of BEing oneself. Spiritual Life Coaching is therefore the provision of a paradoxical space of deep self acceptance and loving embrace, where the light (what you want) and the dark (what you want to avoid) is embraced with the principle of the Universe, that of loving acceptance. The result,  accessing the ‘glow before the goal‘, where the journey is suddenly a living legacy to self.  You are then a primary investor in your SelfTrust Fund. Now the journey is the joy you’ve been looking forward before the goal got in the way.

YogaTengo – Partners Therapeutic Empowerment

Working together with a deep intimate (to make known) partner, theres a shared strength and courage that emerges within the unified center. Here we utilise the dance of being impassioned, enticing the power of the central column, the kundalini to spiral upwards dissolving blockages, scars and wounds in its wake! Free yourself through movement, touch and empowered vision. This system is for any partners, romantic or otherwise, who want to share power distribution equally.

Shamanic Guidance

Being a safe, open and reflective surface for journeys of all types into the etheric realms of consciousness. Aiding in the reintegration of separated beings, rebalancing the Newtonian logical mind’s and emotion’s place within the Quantum reality realised. From medicines to meditation and through into beyond ones mind.

Also See Workshops:

  • Mindfulness / Mindlessness Meditation – Know as DjedZen – The practice of meditation is ancient, however it has only recently become more ‘fashionable’ in the Western World. Consistent meditation practise enables the mind to function more accurately and efficiently. In this fast paced world of information overload, meditation is a life saver. The best news of all is everyone can do it and it’s free!
  • Transformational Workshops – Immersions 1-5 Day long workshops to alter the very fabric of consciousness within your mind, body and spirit. Allow your mental body to be activated, while the spirit of life flows through to remind you of who you really are, at your core, at your most powerful.
  • Public speaking and Key Note Presentations for motivation and increasing inspired BEING. Markabadi combines his shimmering, effervescent personality with some deep life reflections and truths to bring you awake again into the power of BEING NOW.