Transformational Workshops

What is a Workshop?

A workshop is a safe space created by the collective to facilitate (make easy) change on an individual and thus group level. It’s my honor to chair transformational spaces for individuals and group evolution. When any type of community gathers, it provides a collective intelligence catalyst for expanding individual levels of self acceptance and self esteem. Building self esteem is an important tool for stress management and happiness in relationships, be them personal, romantic or working relationships.

Most issues arise from a breakdown in communication. The greatest gift one can give anyone is the space to be heard! Within a collaborative workshop setting people are held in the collective womb which encourages them to communicate with a greater degree of authenticity and clarity. These workshops are fun, interactive and challenging, using humour to aid relaxation and engagement. Transformation is the key word here and this happens in all groups coming together with the intent of healing and wellbeing.

What does Markabadi do?

“Mark is the Robin Williams of Energy Medicine!”

Cynthia Hutchinson (Healing Touch)

Markabadi summing up a 3 day Science Quantum Physics and Energy Medicine Conference

Below is a list of workshop courses that allow people to digest and evolve their awareness of life topics. Markabadi’s ability to translate complex information into simple terms is one of his specialties. He blends humour with science, spirituality and the space to be heard. He tailors his talks and interactive developmental workshops to each group and can compress or expand each topic as governed by time.

These workshops will make you feeling like you’ve quantum leaped up the ladder of consciousness! These interactive experiences are your opportunity to let go of the issues getting in your way of enjoying life fully. All workshops have strong elements of personal development embedded within and Markabadi holds space for you to feel safe enough to explore your true inner self. It is about embracing truth, and the truth shall set you free!

Here you can find a diverse variety of topics to stimulate wellbeing and motivate harmonious living.

The topics have been split into three distinct yet interrelated headings;

Art, Science, Art & Science.

ARTTherapeutic Tools

SCIENCE – Energy & Vibrational Medicine

ART & SCIENCEPersonal Development & Philosophy


Art Workshops – Therapeutic Tools

  • Psychapressure – Holistic Integrated Therapy (therapists only)
  • Meditation – Empower Yourself & Reduce stress
  • Spiritual Life Coaching for Abundance & Joy Right Now
  • Memoflection – Memory, Movement & Reflection
  • PUR – Pulsed Unified Reflection & The Art of Energy Medicine
  • Nutrition & Allergies – Organic Living
  • Integrated Holistic Practice


Psychapressure – A Holistic integration technique for complete transformation (therapists only)

This therapy is more of a mode of integration and instinct driven psychological and physiological movements then a structure of actions.

This set of techniques supports the release of stored memories within the psychological, energetic & cellular living matrix. You can use the person needing healing to heal themselves. It is simply a very holistic approach. First you need to perform a detailed questionnaire analysis on the client, exploring how, when and where they feel certain emotions and problems. Looking at all aspects of their life.

You need to become aware of their body tells, their movements that when certain topics arise that you can stimulate them further. The point of this inquiry process is to get their emotional states ‘primed’ so that they rise to the surface of the present body (both physical and mental).

Once you have primed the person sufficiently you then engage in a series of physical acupressure release techniques, blending deep tissue with energy medicine pulsations to dissociate the attached primed emotional anchors. All the time a space of complete unconditional acceptance is maintained and you might move within the physical treatment from a deep tissue pressure to a soft gentle lymphatic based stroking. You might find yourself speaking to parts of their system, their personality, their unconscious, too quiet for the conscious mind to even hear.

Your clients might have releases, tears, pain and or physical spasms as you work.

You will use your instincts (or innate) to ‘dance’ with their current manifestation and help them breath through the pains (emotional or physical) that come up during the therapy session. Each client session should last between 90 and 120 minutes.

Based on the universal understanding that the best healer is the client themselves, a large majority of this treatment is a reflective process that sets up standing wave communication within the client’s own body, helping them help themselves.

This approach utilises ‘the moment’, removing consciousness from the illusion journey into time and encouraging reflection of the moment to the consciousness. In so doing there is an opportunity presented to allow the consciousness to release habit responses. It is so simple that it needs a great deal of practice to stop ‘try doing’ and start ‘just being’!

Meditation – Empower Yourself & Reduce Stress

Meditation techniques have been used for millenia to calm, focus and sharpen minds. With a sharp and focused mind one can become more efficient, pinpointing the desired goals and achieving them. Stress is the leading cause of illness in the developed World. It enables and empowers disease to take hold and to become stronger within the system. With the governing emotion of fear driving forward this urge to panic and worry. Stress occurs when we allow ourselves to feel overloaded by the environment and refuse to allow the sense of acceptance and love to emerge from our hearts.

The Health and Safety Executive – HSE ( report an estimated 12.8 million lost working days per year in Britain. This is a very conservative figure due to the stigma still attached to ‘stress’ as well as not taking into consideration the negative effects of stress on home life. Having awareness of the triggers that lead to situational overload is one of the most important key skills to have in maintaining health and wellbeing.

Meditation is the most fundamental aspect of wellbeing and holistic living – The Breath of Acceptance. Re-membering what a breath really is empowers us to flourish in any environment. Set yourself free from your own attack – you no longer need to punish yourself for not doing enough – accept you are already complete and you are already on target. This means you can give in somewhere and allow stillness just to exist.

Experience the art of stillness and exercise the muscle of the moment. Acquire the daily practice that is needed for you to re-balance your own system. Bring stillness into your being and allow the pressure of life stressors to trickle over you. What happens when you spend time being still is you actually speed up, you get faster so that the chaos of the world does not seem as daunting any longer.You will be able to achieve twice what you did before, focus on tasks without distraction and notice subtle environmental cues that you missed before.

Have you ever had an emotion? Have you ever been had by one? Time to stop running, Time to stop fighting!

Gain back control and be aware of rushing emotions before they explode into the world, increasing your awareness of body and mind through the experience of stillness. It is much more preferable to stop a leak in a dam then to try and plug it once it has broken through the protective barriers.

(If you like this day you will Love Spiritual Life Coaching)

Spiritual Life Coaching for Abundance & Joy Right Now

This workshop will guide you into your inner self helping you flesh out your aims and goals. However more importantly it will help you gain an inner perspective on your life and realize that the things you are panicking, concerning about and having difficulty with don’t have to be interpreted in that light. There is another way. Once you learn this technique you can apply it to any and all aspects of your life, setting you free from your normal reactive behaviour and allowing things to flow with minimum effort.

Learn how to truly be your own guide, exploring the information your own body gives you as a feedback. Learning how to read yourself and the messages you want to tell yourself is a vital first step to letting go. Learn the art of being mindful of your emotional reactions, feeling able to be still with the feeling of acceptance rather then react being had by an emotion. Turn your weaknesses around into strengths to help yourself and others.

Achieving goals is very important. Most people in today’s life not only have difficulty doing that but moreover have difficulty deciding which goals to make in the first place. Sometimes it is a matter of sitting in the moment of acceptance.

You will learn the secret art of working smart by backing up and giving space to the world to unfold your desires in front of you.

Learn how to release yourself from environmental and psychological anchors to past belief systems and emotional memories that hold you back from achieving your dreams.  You will engage in a practical guided experience into the unbounded space inside your being – beyond self and ego limits.

Practical guided meditation will lead you into an experience of space itself. Altering your movement in a rhythmic flow, you will experience the moment more clearly you will gain speed and accuracy in your daily life.

Experience a deeper more holistic understanding of communication through NLP techniques & body language and conscious languaging. Fulfill your own desires and find within you the ability to be truly happy and self motivated. Understand that the environment is a direct reflection of your own state of mind and how to shift your mind set and the limiting beliefs by making alterations in your environment.

Understand the sentence “I try to help others do what I need to do myself” Introducing the concept and providing a surface for this realization. Generating and looking at yours own sabotage sentences, that prevent you from moving forward.

Channel wisdom and synchronicity from the space between your actions. Where thinking ceases to rein is where you begin!


ME, MYSELF & I – Role play – Participants write what you are best at giving advise to others – what are your ‘advise strengths’? What are your ‘advise weaknesses’? Explain how your strengths might be your own weaknesses – pair people up in a reflector exercise depending upon similar strengths or opposites (to be realized yet). Participants then act out situations as identified in advise strengths and advise weakness exercise and Gestalt style try to deal with them. Followed by feedback and discussion.

Return to Sender – Find the emotional blocks that hold you, and watch them disappear as you allow yourself to observe form your current location what it felt like when the traumas (and subsequent blocks) were first recorded.

Mediation on Space – Allowing yourself to explore the inner world of your consciousness. Expanding the allowance to include a space bubble of possibility, where anything can be given a new perspective. With the space you find that anything can be moved, you become ore flexible and more open to change.

Conscious Languaging – Learning that inside the sentences we use are self defeating comments that maintain us in the limited belief system – that a part of use must go through the uncomfortable state of change (or death) so that movement can happen.

Memoflection – Memory, Movement & Reflection 

Memoflection is an ego reflective therapeutic technique that breaks the habitual physical reactions that are paired with thought and emotion. It breaks the mind’s attempt to anchor memories (‘reactive anchoring’) within the body through bodily movements (‘memo-motions’). With this type of ‘mental yoga’ anchors can be disrupted and the attached emotions can be released.

People work in pairs to be the mirror for the other. Preventing the body from moving into familiar and caught patterns of resistance and avoidance.

The Memoflection technique is a quantum photonic & phonic stimulating reflection of the ego’s physical affixations. Born from a conglomeration of Eastern and Western medicine coupled with Neuro Linguistic Programming  (NLP), Gestalt Counselling Therapy, Energy Psychology and Psycho Neuro Immunology (PNI). The emphasis lies with the client to ‘let go’ and not with the therapist to do anything but be the mirror to the client.

How much can you get out of the way of your own self?

PUR – Pulsed Unified Reflection & The Art of Energy Medicine

Learning how to be subtle but present is a skill that is like no other. Usually a skill is acquired by putting in more effort to acquiring more of something. This is not the case here and the more you can let go of effort the more able you will be to help support vibrational change through your client. Pulsed Unified Reflection (or PUR) is a new technique designed by Mark Abadi that can be integrated into your current practice. Based on the universal understanding that the best healer is the client themselves! Incorporating knowledge and experience from Quantum Physics (Torsion field and Scalar wave generation), Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Acupressure, Deep Tissue Stress Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Psychotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

The technique is simply to set up a standing wave vibrational resonance within the client to act as a reflector and amplified of the areas that need attention. This provides a reflective platform for the client to heal themselves. PUR has many client asleep within 20 minutes.

The technique takes a great deal of practice, not because it is so complex, but because it is so simple! How much can you get out of the way? This is an advanced application taught primarily to experienced therapists only who demonstrate an understanding of the holistic nature of being as well as an ability to drop ego during treatments.

Let clients be their own mirror for their own healing information!

Nutrition & Allergies – Organic Living

As with any machine it will not function correctly unless it is given the correct fuel. Like a car the performance of the engine depends upon the grade and quality of the fuel you put in. The body is exactly the same except we put both physical and mental/emotional fuel into it.

Due to modern farming techniques, deforestation and urban spread, erosion of the very precious topsoil has been occurring over the last 200 years. Now the farmland is severely depleted of many minerals including Selenium and Magnesium, vital for our immune functioning. Even what was once thought of as a solid diet can’t guarantee the right combination of vitamins and minerals due to top soil depletion.

It is vital we are educated as to how best to look after our own nutrition including ‘whole food supplements’ and electronic medicine. There are techniques that can be used to serve to buffer any depletion that occurs through physical sustenance. Your mental and emotional wellbeing are vital to your nutritional health. All is interconnected and realising how important your consciousness is to living in an organic and natural way is key.

Integrated Holistic Practice

Combine all your knowledge to piece together the holistic puzzle and reflect it back to your client. They are holistic beings, learn to reflect to them in a holistic manner that best facilitates their growth. Learn how to achieve your goals without breaking your morals. Experience a deeper understanding of communication through NLP techniques & body language.

It is in the managing and controlling of information that the best results can be gained. Combine your instincts and intellect to decide the most effective form of communication, reflection and interpretation for the mutual benefit of you and your clients
This course provides a vital foundation for advanced practitioners wanting to achieve the most effective therapeutic results with world changing effects.

In addition explore consultation formats and holistic analysis techniques including iridology, endocrinology (chakras and emotions) reflexology, body postures, teeth and meridians.


Science Workshops – Energy & Vibrational Medicine

  • The Science of Energy Medicine – Biophysics of Consciousness
  • Energy Psychology – Releasing Trauma Memories & Anchors
  • Environmental Harmonics – Toxins & Quantum Consciousness
  • Mastering your Aura & Energy Fields
  • Music, Vibration, Sacred Geometry & Consciousness
  • Detecting the Human Energy Field


The Science of Energy Medicine – The Biophysics of Consciousness (Introduction to Advanced)

Key Words: Body Memory, Encoding / Decoding; Body Matrix; Information; Energy Medicine, Zero Point Field, Akashic Field, Quantum Plenum

Bridging the gap between science and spirituality. Understand how energy (information) moves continuously inside and outside the body and how you can use this information to lead a more harmonious balanced life. Embody the knowledge of the piezoelectric nature of the connective tissues (the living matrix) and use it’s communication ability to support healing and the release stored memory within the water molecules surrounding every cell in the body.

Long have the sciences been split into separate disciplines. This has resulted in a fractioned understanding of the holistic dynamics of the Human experience. Biology has been separated from physics and psychology, when in fact they are all intricately connected.
Energy Medicine is a term used to describe the transmission of information through non-physical forms. Packs or waves of information can move from one source to another without being limited to physical contact. These forms of communication are easily explained with standard physics. However there is further need for a more quantum explanation when information both transcends space and time, enabling healing to occur without the need for physical intervention.

Within the Human body there exists a ‘Matrix’ of interconnecting fibres that are Piezoelectric, emitting and receiving electrical and magnetic frequencies from other people and the world at large. This matrix is made mainly from the connective tissue or collagen fibres.

The piezoelectric nature of the connective tissues (the living matrix) gives it the ability to store information (memory) through the coherent structure of water surrounding each cell. The work of pioneers such as Fritz Popp have shown us that the skin can act like fibre optic tubes transmitting light into other parts of the internal body.

Learn where emotional and mental memory might be stored in the body and how it might be released. With the work of the leading biologists and physicist, we will review how the mind and body interact with the zero point field or quantum vacuum as well as the fundamental physics that makes this possible. In addition learn how do crystals & water hold their charge and memory? What are the mechanisms behind energetic healing? How does the shape of things effect our consciousness? Learn where and how emotional and mental memory is stored in the body and how it is released.

Be prepared for a deep scientific outline of how information moves through and between bodies of consciousness. A workshop for the budding scientist who wants the ability to be able to explain the mechanisms of any healing modality from homeopathy to bodytalk and acupuncture.

Energy exercises to boost your energy system will be taught allowing you to harness the endless sea of energy (quantum Vacuum / Zero point field) and use it to maintain and protect your self and others. You will be taught how to ‘spin’ your universe in a holistic manor to solidify change.

All will be revealed in this dynamic, intellectually stimulating and shocking workshop that will blow your mind and eyes wide open to truth behind the dynamic structure of your bio-energetic bodies! Know your true body!

Energy Psychology – Releasing Trauma Memories & Anchors

From Energy Field Therapy (EFT) to Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) Energy psychology is gaining massive acceptance as an effective and quick tool to release trauma and emotional issues. Now experience a blended combination of the best of them, combining energetic medicine with psychology and quantum physics to return to unhappy memories and watch them dissolve with your new techniques.
All of your memories and emotions are anchored in their first experience, this can be re-assessed and allowed to morph into a smaller issue, relaying the foundation upon which you are built. Thought you had dealt with a trauma only to have it come back round – deal with it for good and once and for all set at peace ghosts of the past.

You are hooked to your own memories and emotional experience and use these to guide your behaviors and feelings throughout life. Often these can lead you into cycles of habitual behavior you would like to be free from.
It is in the awareness of one’s own hooks that true freedom can be found. We will carry out exercises designed to identify your own and other’s ‘body tells’ or ‘emotional anchors’. Experience a quick release mechanism that will leave yourself and your clients in the immediate position to let go of years (even centuries) of encoded emotional response.

Understand how the science of yoga is designed to release these blocks. Experience your own emotional blocks learning to interpret cues and anchors stored form your life.

Experiencing the art of oneness, you will actively draw down information from your Akashic records. Modern science is calling this the zero point field, the quantum vacuum or quantum plenum.

Memo-reflection – Pairs – exercise in being still while conjuring an emotional tail – remaining still enables presence to be with the emotional response and not stored and distracted by the body matrix excitation – living the emotional enables the ability to release there and then.
Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) – An introduction to a technique designed to reset and reduce the amygdala’s ability to regenerate negative emotional beliefs.
BodyTalk – An introduction to the ability to use other reciprocal parts of the body to tune in and heal their reflected ‘sister’ areas.

Environmental Harmonics & Auric Hygiene – Toxins & Quantum Consciousness

Auric Hygiene is the understanding that events happen in your energy system before they physically manifest. Become aware of the mechanisms by which your harmony is disrupted. These can be physiological, psychological or energetic/informational in nature.

Learn how your environment blends with your own vibration –how you can either flow with the vibration or clash with it. It is a dance, what steps are you using? What dance are you dancing? Learn the effects of Electro-Magnetic smog (phones, lamps, watches etc) and how to avoid or counteract them, daily exercises in meditation and strengthening of your aura field. There are simple things that can be done to reduce your EM pollution and strengthen your Aura according to its specific needs.

What are other chemicals that you use to clean and wash with and their effect upon your physical and energetic bodies. What about foods, organic Vs non-organic. Is there a difference between vitamins in pills and whole foods? Learn how to charge and program crystals you will understand the nature of water memory and how the unique property of water enables you to store memories in your body.

Mastering Your Aura & Energy Field

Underneath this physical world there exists a more subtle realm of the energy matrix and piggybacking on that matrix is information that directs and informs all aspects of our lives, feeling, thoughts and wellbeing. This information field is also know by the terms ‘The Akashic field or record’, ‘The Quantum Vacuum’ and ‘The Zero Point Field’. It is within and through this field that in-formation is encoded, signalled and retrieved via every thing in existence.

Your Aura is an energy field that become less and less physically dense as it moves away from the body – however as this happens it becomes more sensitive to disturbances outside the normal conscious mind or space/time.

Learn how the physical body interacts with the more subtle elements of your self through the endocrine system. Get an introduction to the dynamics of the physical body that allow it be a receiver, transmitter and transducer of information not only from one person to the next but from one time to another.

Learn about the scientific basis of your Energy Field (AURA), Energy Vessels (MERIDIANS & NADIS), Energy Centres (CHAKRAS), The Energy Matrix (Quantum Vacuum / Zero Point Field), and how Information is communicated through these structures (Torsion fields & Scalar Waves)

Realise that you are the Master of your own energy system and no one can take anything from you unless you permit them. Take responsibility for your leaking energy and regain vibrancy.

We will also be working with and interacting with crystals – please bring some with you.

Music, Vibration, Sacred Geometry & Consciousness

Everything is moving and vibrating and thus everything can resonate either in harmony or disharmony with everything else. Every sound has a vibration and a subsequent effect on your specific vibration – what is music? – how does it heal? – Why do we like different types of music at different times in our life? The musical harmonics of mathematics control not only the spin of the universe but also the spin of our entire body right down to our DNA.

What effects on sound vibration do sacred spaces have (religious temples, crop circles, etc)?

Understand the essence and resonant harmonics of sacred spaces and why they are the best places to touch ‘god’. Is sound any different to the resonance of light upon the body? Patterns of light echo through sacred structures, geometry and architectures to create a resonance chamber where those aspects we see as fixed loose their hold upon us and we can move into another version of our reality.

Detecting the Human Energy Field

There are many technologies on the market that purport to measure some aspect of the energy system of living things. Some systems are visual, auditory or electromagnetic in foundation. We will explore the validity and reliability of these technologies. We will explore some of the fundamental principles of the technologies and see if they make logical sense without cloaking them in magical mystery. This course is for therapists to add to their understanding of preventative medicine and perhaps add to their analysis techniques.

Specifically we shall focus on, but not be limited to, the following devices:

PIP – Polycontrast Interference Photography which uses visible light to indicate the activity of energy point on the body
GDV – Gas Discharge Visualisation – A digitised Kirlian photgraphy extrapolating information from the coronal discharge around the finger tips
QXCI & SCIO – Quantum Xeroid – using trivector analysis of substances electromagnetic signiture
BEST, MORA etc – Electro dermal screening point probe testers looking at the resistance along meridian lines
ELeCT – ElectroCrystal Therapy – passing sound waves through the body and listening to the output signature
RFI – Resonant Field Imagery – Measuring radio waves around the body
Aura Cam & Aura Video Station – Looking at the Galvanic skin resistance of the hands and extrapolating to a visual image
Thermal Tomography – Heat analysis reveals metabolic activity of body areas
Heart Rate Variability – Analysing the variance in heart activity has been shown to be a predictive measure of certain conditions.

Following this course you will have a much more informed view of where medical science is heading to and how the paradigm shift will look for the industry of health care.


Art & Science Workshops – Personal Development & Philosophy

  • Psycharmonics: Transforming Habits – Accepting BEing – How to transcend your Archetypal Self
  • Sensual Intimacy – The Yin & Yang of Body Awareness (couples only)
  • Conscious Parenting – Our Children are our evolution
  • BuddhaBugs – Meditation for Kids
  • Who do you think you are? – Questioning reality, discovering self


Psycharmonics: Transforming Habits – Accepting BEing

Psycharmonics is the Mental and Emotional Yoga of Self Awareness.

“We are the phoenix, but we must first burn our old habit patterns and limits that keep us fixed in this location so that we can rise from the ashes a new BEing.”

 This is an experiential workshop to explore and demonstrate the interplay of perception, energy and consciousness within a space of acceptance allowing us to become the author of our own story. Over this practical transformational workshop we will undo and remake ourselves, this is only for those brave who want to move beyond mere reactive habitual response.

The entire Universe is made up of opposing forces continually exchanging energy. This duality (yin/yang) is how we experience living life.

Our Psyche (personality / ego) is held in a key balance between these states of conflicting energy, Psycharmonics is the process of achieving harmony in this balance.

The key is to step back into space witnessing the push and pull forces. From this ‘perspective’ , we can begin to become aware of and balance the forces that influence our habitual emotional patterns.

Exploring the quantum world we will recognize mere perception of one side or the other is totally dependant upon the other view – in other words there cannot be hot without cold. We will practice unifying the Yin and Yang – making two become one.

‘It is the uncomfortable duty of the Ego to let go of the ego’

Each of us is an individual with a specific complex matrix pattern of absorption, emission and resonance with the universe. Each of us a quantum machine with a unique approach to life determined by our genetic make up, astrological charts and psycho/emotional experiences. Each influences the other and how we perceive & behave in the world.

One man’s fish is another man’s poision!

It’s through gentle acceptance that you will be able to surrender your patterns and let go your limits. Most people want to move on from the old habit patterns they have had programmed into their personality. These can be self destructive beliefs that you are not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, simply not enough.

The ‘good’ news is you are ALREADY ENOUGH.

The ‘bad’ news is you must burn in order to be reborn.

This is a practical guided experience into the unbounded space inside your being – beyond self and ego limits. The current workshop is tackling an age old question that has plagued the top thinkers across time. However the current workshop is designed to help you become sensitive enough to actually ‘experience’ life, NOT to help you think your way to ‘understanding’ (standing under) life.

Participants will consider and discuss:

  • What reality actually is (the Great Maya) – a matter of perception
  • Ego construction and continued maintenance – ‘how to break the mould’
  • Role of religion – who is god ? The Paradox
  • Believes concerning ‘enlightenment’ and ‘meaning of life’
  • Meditation – stillness, key to awareness – how to be still!

Participants will guided into a meditation where certain exercise will be given to open their ‘third eye’ chakra. This is the area in the forehead associated with understanding and experience of spiritual existence.

Channel wisdom and synchronicity from the space between your actions. Where thinking ceases to rein is where you begin! You can know this not as an illusion, thought or belief but as an actuality.

Sensual Intimacy – The Yin & Yang of Body Awareness (couples)

Your senses are your key to knowing you’re alive. They are your portals to other locations. Like most things they can be confused, overwhelmed and even ignored. The word ‘Intimacy’ means the ‘process of making known’. With your significant other we shall explore the subtle often unnoticed essences of sensual intimacy, discovering how our masculine and feminine sides communicate with each other. Expanding our horizons you will allow yourself to become known to your other.

The day will entail physical contact, breathing exercises, talking, eye contact, body massage and open integrated yin/yang meditation. We, together, will explore your fears and doubts and allow you to move beyond them into a more balanced and contented relationship with yourself and your significant other. Although the practices and energy of tantra and kundalini will be explored, this is not a sexual practice workshop and you are free to go as deep as you choose into each exercise. Focus will be given to the subtle underlying and unspoken exchange of energy.

The day will be held both indoors and outdoors with nature.

Conscious Parenting – Our Children are our evolution

Our children are the evolution of ourselves. Everything that we have left ‘unlived’ in our lives gets passed to them until someone is brave enough to live the issue. By ‘living it’ I mean embracing the truth and feeling the full pain of the issue, until there is nothing remaining to feel. Many parents believe that if their children don’t directly observe their issue then it has no influence on them. They continue to hide the truth from their children believing they are protecting them, saving them from the pain, but in actual fact they are setting up a pattern that will return to the child later in life.

Everything we do, speak and more importantly feel inside is read by our children and absorbed into their unconscious and subconscious minds. Choosing to affirm positive support is key. Being aware of conflicting messages is vital. The language you use embeds minute messages within it that reveals the truth behind your actual feelings. If you present mixed messages children become stressed and confused and repeat those patterns of expression. Learn about being aware enough and holding enough respect for your ‘evolution’ to be honest and true. This will enable your children to acquire a greater degree of balance.

BuddhaBugs – Meditation For Children

Buddha Bugs – Is a new name given to the exploration of meditation for kids. There is no religious connotations or suggestions. Buddha was chosen as an example because all he did was to meditate, he never wanted to be worshiped or have any religious following. He talked about discovering for yourself, which is what we want our little ‘Bugs’ to do!

Helping children to meditate, find their inner peace and relax is a vital foundation for a happy and balanced life. Meditation will also advance your child’s intelligence (IQ -Intelligence quotient) as well as their emotional intelligence (EQ – emotional quotient).

Children are our wonder, our reflection of a worry free happy time when nothing mattered more then playing in our own imagination. In this ever increasing hectic world full of a complex array of mixed messages from schools, other cultures, TV, internet, children are now being exposed to more confusing information than ever before.

There has been a vast amount of research showing that consistent time spent being still or meditating can help develop brain function and emotional intelligence (ability to recognise and interpret emotions).

Who Do You Think You Are?

The idea that ‘I think therefore I am’ has spore an entire disregard for the question of where the thought came form in the first place and if I stop thinking, does that mean ‘I am not’? From Plato’s Cave to Descarte’s assumption and back through the unfolding mathematics of life.

Exploring the limits and boundaries of consciousness. Exploring the philosophy of consciousness and the nature nurture debate. Investigating the origins of thoughts and beliefs.

Exploring the power of attraction and the body of physics behind it. How and why do people entrain with each other?  Millions of waves of information combined to form one experience of consciousness.

This workshop is a deep exploration of the philosophy of consciousness and the formation of personality. It’s a fantastic and useful foundation for translating & explaining any ‘beyond mind’ realisations that have been had during meditation or other activities.

Where did the you, you call ‘self’ come from? Where does your identity exist and does it ever change? Or is it a matter of our perspective that changes?

Who are you? What are your masculine and feminine sides and what is a balanced form of them?

Is this Universe a projection from within your being creating an outside existence?

What is really going on behind the scenes? Find out!

Exercises Include:

Quantum Questing – a guided meditation through your own imagination journey – using the seen metaphor to guide your realizations as to your own internal messages and what you are trying to tell yourself.

Mirage et Trois – What are your sabotage patterns? Can be related to a vision, a goal, or just being truly alive. Everybody choose 1 subject. Groups of 3 – 4. Everybody writes down some of their own sabotage sentences. Person 2 and 3 whisper sabotage in person 1 ears. Person 4 – or leader helps person 1 focus on his power, will, vision, brilliance – just giving voices space and acceptance. Allowing moment of the emotion to happen without reaction.

Quantum Visioning – With crayons and paper – class gets into two groups and spends 2-3 minutes drawing your self image, then your ideal self, then other’s images and visions. Person draws their own vision and everyone receives their drawings, compares and feedback. Take visions and put them up on wall in toilet etc at home where can be seen and contemplated.