Somatic Massage Therapy

Specific & Simple Therapy

Markabadi has worked as a Holistic body and energy therapist for over 20 years. He holds international Diploma qualifications in:
Holistic Therapy
Deep Tissue Swedish Massage
Manual Lymphatic Drainage

He integrates many tecniques of healing: physical, psychological and energetic. By recognising the importance of chemistry and physics (including quantum physics) on Human wellbeing one begins to appreciate true long term integrated healing. Markabadi calls his wholistic, integrative, mind-body somatic practice ‘PSYCHAPRESSURE

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Another way to Proceed with Gusto: Psychapressure

Psychapressure is an integrated somatic therapy ‘platform’ blending psychological stimulation with deep tissue acupressure and energy medicine. It explains ‘nothing is anything without everything else!’ Treating the origins of one’s issues is vital by any and all means and allowing for the flexibility to add in any techniques necessary allows a vital quantum intuitive guidance to occur. We as Humans are this integrated quantum system and so to truly heal origins and not just the symptoms, is to honour the complete holistic Human system as it is, Mind, Body and Spirit (energy).

How Does a Psychapressure Session Look?

The Psychological Element

First we do a very intensive consultation to find out about your diet, your sleep, your exercise, your supplements and your physical health. Then we look into the mind issues, what happened when, how it might have created habit patterns in you and how you feel about it. Intuitively I might reflect to you things you are holding which might be causing the pains or physical discomfort. This is designed to allow you to be comfortable enough to go to the places you feel uncomfortable in.

The Physiological & Energetic Elements

Once we have embraced the essence of your psychological awareness of the emotional issues at hand we then tackle them in the physical body. As we’ve been stimulating them in the mental body they rise to the surface in the physical body and are more easily accessed.  This ‘priming’ of your emotional hooks makes them more accessible in your body. I access them through hands on physical acupressure massage and energy based medicine. You can then undressed, but covered with towels, on a massage couch for the 2nd half of the session.

The work that I do is a completely unique procedure that is reactive to and driven by your needs. Therapy is the most effective when the client is allowed to direct proceedings and is literally provided a space to unfold upon, without being set limits or boundaries.

It’s a combination of all my years of training and spiritual practice. Each session is unique and is lead by the needs of the client. Everyone leaves feeling like they have been reborn and it does not stop there – I offer continual guidance on how you can make the shifts experienced a permanent part of your life. This is very simply a space for you to breath and let go of anything you need to in a safe supportive environment.

INVESTMENT:  New Clients come for a minimum of 2 x 2hr sessions. Together this initial cost is $500 (for the 4 hrs) – Afterewards costs are $110 per hr and sessions usually last 2hrs each

Markabadi’s classical training and qualifications include:
Deep Tissue Swedish Massage, Executive Coaching & Counselling, Sports Acupressure Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology & Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candles, Stress Massage, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, PUR – Pulsed Unified Reflection, Energy Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Life coahing

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen in a session?

There is total client confidentiality and you have a fully non judgmental space with Markabadi. Each session is completely unique, although sessions generally begin with a chat about what you feel is going on in your life and where you want to take it from here. Its best if you can be totally honest and open which will allow your stored habit patterns and non serving reactive responses to be identified and brought to the surface (both psychologically and physically). Once hidden traumas have risen we move onto the physical therapy. This can be carried out clothed or unclothed. You will always be covered with towels and blankets whichever option and only parts of the body being worked will be exposed. The initial physical discovery process is intuitive lead, physical exploration of ‘issue spots’ on the body, informed by the emergence of any traumas. The issue spots tend to be more sensitive than other body parts and this is where focus will be given. Markabadi combines spoken stimulation to continue to encourage (with heart) traumas to remain active, so they can be loved out of impact.

Importantly, the session is yours and you are totally free to direct it wherever you like, change direction, say anything or equally say nothing.

Will it be painful?

The process can be painful, both psychologically and physically, however you are in complete control over how deep you go and pain is not an important indicator of success. The congested areas will have pain receptors associated with them and it might require the application of deeper physical or psychological pressure to encourage anchors to be surrendered. Don’t worry, you are in full control and if it’s too much for you we can more on to another location. Usually when people breathe through the discomfort they find it very quickly passes and it is the fear of the pain that is more painful than the actual pain itself.

How many sessions will I need?

Of course this is an impossible question to answer, however if there is not significant movement after the first 2 sessions then I might suggest another approach. Generally people move significantly after 4 sessions and then just come for ‘top up’ sessions every month or so. Your specific situation will depend on how old and firm your issues are fixed within your body and mind. The quicker you can surrender into yourself the quicker you can move on. This usually means turning your perspectives on their head and coming at the issue in a totally novel way.

Do I use oils on the skin?

I tend to use a blended organic massage balm infused with a stimulating muscular relaxing blend of lemongrass, cayenne and geranium. I might use some essential oils to either give you to smell or to mix into your skin. This is to allow me to move smoothly over your body.

What sort of after session service do I offer?

Once I agree to take on a client we engaged in a relationship where my focus is to help them become more balanced in their lives and heal. With this respect I allow each of my clients to have my mobile number so that they can call me after the session to discuss what is happening in their lives and for moral support. I don’t charge for these calls. I also have internet video communication in the form of Skype, for my clients who are not within the local vicinity and who would like to have a more detailed coaching service.

Do I offer remote healing?

Yes, remote healing is possible through the principles of quantum entanglement. This works better with your involvement in the form of telephone and or video telephone communication. I offer a type of spiritual life coaching that might involve me tuning into some level of your energetic being and altering a block therein. These sessions are however yours to breathe in and like the physical sessions must be accompanied with both your full involvement and your after session ‘homework’

What is the after session ‘Homework?

We all remember doing our homework (or not doing in my case) when we were at school, which was designed to solidify the information we had learned that day. Well the sessions are the same – in order for you to make the most of what you have ‘learned’ in your body, mind and energy, you need to solidify that learning. There are various techniques depending upon what has been learned. For example you might need to eat certain foods or avoid certain foods. You might need to connect with the Earth to replenish your electrons (see You might need to move your furniture around or do certain tasks involving exposure to your fears.