Djed-Zen Mindfulness Meditation

Welcome to discovering your Inner Now!

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Meditation is about surrendering into your greatest power. The notion of Zen is about realizing the inevitable fact that there is nothing we need to do on our journey to our inner selves. Where stress, worry, anxiety and concerns simply melt into the nothingness of the everything.

Mindfulness is about noticing, becoming aware of the conscious and unconscious habits of you. Meditation is about being still in an unstill world. It’s an allowing of your inner BEing to gently unfold, expanding to fill your awareness with something divinely pure and exquisitely simple. Behind all the effort of the activity is the foundation of awareness. It’s in this awareness you can find a space to grow in wisdom and self-acceptance. You have an inner power that simply needs cultivating, nurturing and loving. It’s the simplest moment of truth and it’s all yours!

The Djed (pronounced JED) is an ancient Egyptian concept referenced in Indian mythology as well ( it is also where ‘Jedi’ comes from). Djed refers to the central column of the Kundalini spiral, which is YOU before the split of the Yin and Yang, the Ida and Pingala, the duality that defines our personalities. Embracing this collaboration of opposites empowers you to transform previously solid edges of perception into new forms. This sort of ‘magic’ is well known to transformational coaches who use both dimensions of self, shadow and the light, to melt limits and create a new aligned emergent of self free from previous boundaries and trauma inflicted limits. It is with the self acceptance of opposites that allows you to grow beyond the boundaries placed upon you daily.

The Benefits

The benefits of your meditation practice are endless. Here are some obvious ones:

  • Increased Focus, Attention & Multitasking
  • Increased Memory and Cognitive abilities
  • Improved feelings of Balance and Satisfaction
  • Increased Emotional Balance and Awareness
  • Heightened Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Greater physical health, lower cortisol and higher Heart Rate Variability
  • Identification and Transformation of Unconscious Habit patterns
  • Greater Work Life Wellness

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Meditation Classes & Individual Coaching


For those interested in learning how to meditate Markabadi offers online classes. Group class space is an excellent way to build up your practice and gives you an opportunity to see how the meditative space helps others unfold fears and self empowerment. Markabadi also supports those advanced meditators who are interested in discovering things beyond mind and even into enlightenment (Please see below).

The meditation style is stillness based and has no religious element. Each week we’ll explore a different topics including Chakras, Heart, Anger, Pain, Breathe, Light, Mantras, Crystals, Mandalas, Mudras and Yin Yang balance. This exploration will hone your ability to focus upon the stillness that lies behind your personality. This is the part of you that is free from stress, worries and concerns. The more you connect with this inner part of you the more you will be able to use it in everyday life.

Markabadi leads meditations through a gentle guidance that can be taken or left. It is designed to subtly glide into your conscious and subconscious mind so if you need it, it’s there and if not you can simply surrender into the zen of creation, of yourself.

Together we explore a range of different exercises that give our minds food for activity while we pay attention to the stillness of the moment. Inside the stillness, the focused ninja will notice something beyond mindfulness, hence Zen Mindfulness, is mindfulness without the mind!

Meditation is not about logging out, it’s about logging in!

Djed-Zen Meditation Courses by private booking:

‘Make Meditation Your Habit’


Djed-Zen for the Advanced Practicioner

The ‘Maya’ as its known, is the thing that gives edges to things! You are reading this in the Maya, you sleep, eat, work in the Maya. Everything you DO is in the Maya. It is only where there is a split between one thing and another that anyTHING can actually happen. This split of oneness into ‘two-ness’ is what allows for separation, observation and opinion of all recorded things. The world of Maya is that of distraction, keeping us caught in the addiction and delusion of duality. Political, social and technological explorations are all forms of polarisation away from the stillness and presence of the Now! This stillness is the ultimate form of unconditional love and beyond it. The world of Maya is where things happen, good and bad, up and down, left and right. Ironically, it is this limit that allows things to happen and get done. Without limits there would be no edge to act upon, no border to make any judgements about. There is a you beyond the edges. There are no words or teachings that can get you to the realization, you can only become it yourself. The more you practice being in the non-dual space, the more you can build your center of self outside of the limits of duality.

Beneath all the chaos of the World there is a joining of direction, a unity of opinion, a resting of decision. Here within yourself, where there is simply observation, you can grow and unfold awareness of your already complete Being. You can discover for yourself the depths of consciousness. In this practice, simply called The Path, you have the opportunity to surf the origins of creation, the Light and Sound, the Merkaba, back to source. The Path is the practice of stillness within the being that is you, awakening the self behind (and before) the duality split from the oneness. Beware, this journey is not for the faith of heart. It is for those so deeply curious about their true origins that they, through their own exploration, are willing to surrender themselves into themselves. For this deep exploration into self please email your interest to Markabadi on

Meditation Audio Downloads

Markabadi teamed up with the fantastic Hypnotherapist Kinga Oldham (UK). Together they created a series of Zen Hypnosis Guided Meditations. Hypnosis itself is a gentle story-telling mechanism that leads the conscious and subconscious mind into a gentle state of peace. The instruction makes use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) as well as relaxation techniques and biofeedback to create the most relaxing and self empowering reality for the listener.

Here is a 5 min taster Meditation from Markabadi’s ANXIETY RELEASE ALBUM

Here is one of Markabadi’s hr long Meditation Classes for you to enjoy freely

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Common Comments & FAQs about Meditation

Will meditation help me to achieve my life goals?

The simple answer is a resounding YES! Meditation increases the functioning of all the systems of the Human. It increases body function and health, reducing stress hormones and increasing Heart Rate Variability (best predictor of health). It also modulates emotional swings and reduces the impact of emotional trauma through the regulation of hormones. Meditation also increases cognitive abilities and multitasking functions, making you faster and more diverse. There is however a caveat. That being that meditation will reveal to you if your goals you think you want are actually the goals you really want! So if truth and your greatest alignment with self if your goal then yes. If your goal is actually someone else’s, or has embedded within it a self-rejection fear based motivation, then chances are the truth will emerge as you meditate.

I can’t meditate, I can’t turn off my mind!

That’s fine. You don’t need to turn off your mind. In fact your mind and your brain have a job to do and that is to think. Why would you want to stop them? You can’t. Meditation is not about stopping your mind from thinking, it’s about changing where your attention is placed. It’s like sitting on the coach watching TV and then gradually you start to notice the beautiful sunset and exquisite colours outside. You choose to allow your attention to drift away from the noise box out into the beauty of nature. In the background the TV might still be whirling away, but you have chosen to allow a greater beauty, a more magnificent happening into your consciousness. You have become the watcher.

Meditation is just a waste of time!

That’s ok if you think that, but you’ve probably not looked at the research. There are thousands of deeply intensive scientific research papers on the positive effects of meditation on many different aspects of Human functioning. Primarily it has the ability to balance blood pressure and Heart Rate Variability (HRV). HRV is a recognised measure of sympathetic and parasympathetic health. Furthermore meditation increasing ability to focus and multitask. Additionally meditation actually allows you to ‘speed up’, which actually means that life correspondingly seems to slow down. So as you get faster, the parts of life that were spinning out of control become far more manageable, because you are faster moving. I say every moment you spend in meditation you will get back at least twice in efficiency and focus. For some excellent research look at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) of James Austin with his fantastic two books ‘Zen and the Brain’ and ‘Selfless Insights’

I always fall asleep in meditation!

Join the club! We all fell asleep when we started meditation. It’s fine and it’s something that you practise at remaining conscious. There are certain techniques that aim remaining awake. Firstly you should have a straight back and you should be sitting up not lying down. It is to do with the spin of the planet and the energy system of the body. Secondly if you keep your physical eyes gently gazing upwards then this will enable your attention to remain upwards rather than down into the body.

I’ve tried meditation before and it didn’t fix anything!

Meditation is not designed to ‘fix’ anything. It’s designed to give you the space to be able to come to terms with who you are and accept yourself. Yes it might increase your abilities but the story will remain. Your life will only change when you gain self acceptance and decide that you are ready to evolve.

I have a religion and it says meditation is the devil’s work!

Oh dear! If it helps you could call it prayer. Have you ever asked yourself why any religion would not want you to explore your own inner World? Could it be that they might loose some power over you if you realise that there is nothing to fear? Any organisation, relationship or person who controls people through fear is confused. There is no fear in the divine, by any name. There is only acceptance and any religion that doesn’t think ‘God’ or their ‘Gods’ are all accepting is guilty of anthropomorphising (giving Human qualities to something not Human) the divine. Meditation creates no conflict with any of belief system, it simply reveals what is behind the stillness of now. Meditation is simply finding out for yourself what the divine is, ‘first hand’, so to speak.