Shamanic Guidance

%Spiritual life coachin %Mindfulness meditation anxietyWith deep reverence Markabadi offers himself at service to help be a Medhi (a guide) for those seeking and Being within the Samadhi of creation. As he was honoured to be guided by the loving kindness of enlightened beings, so too he passes on the offering of graceful reflection.

People gain Samadhi (joining with creation) experiences through many different paths, all valid. These might include sacred medicine journeys, near death experiences and or deep meditative practice. In reality each path is touching upon the same principle, namely that one’s being is not limited to or confined by the systems of perception and confines of the Human system.

Furthermore, that upon the surrender of one’s grip upon the edges of life, one can dissolve into the continual field of consciousness that pervades the Universe (the one voice) and in doing so can free themselves from a multitude of perceived afflictions that exist in the location where they are still separate. 

There is a unification of self within and beyond the self we previously thought we were, however the catch is that there needs to be a ‘death’ of the self that believed it was limited. Here in lies the paradox, the meeting point of impassable edges on the path-less path through the gate-less gate.   

Markabadi humbly offers his Maha Seva (great service) to the grace that has awoken within you. Contact Markabadi if you would like to have a confidential consultation. 

%Spiritual life coachin %Mindfulness meditation anxiety





In deep gratitude to the magnificent Shamanic Priestess Amanda Sage as she continues to channel, divinely accurate art through a loving train of awakened inspiration!