About Markabadi’s Therapy

“What happens is truly holistic!” K Ross, Northwich, UK

“Enlightening, Fabulous…..Experiencing first hand the amount of shifts I had during this course are incredible, absolutely incredible!”  Tracy Lester, South Africa, BodyTalk Practitioner 

“Mark’s courses are absolutely phenomenal…..I find it hard to express the swelling of love and joy within me” Shereene Roselee, Holistic Therapists, SA

“Thank you for helping me to make a huge shift in my life….thank you especially for creating the space…..so that you can see and make those changes…..I recommend Mark as a teacher simply because he is a person who triggers, he’s a Master at it, he’s got an infectious way about him, he’s very capitating. He just allows you to open up, encourages you so much”  Sharon Castle, Holistic Therapist, South Africa

“Mark has a very unique way of holding space for someone that they really feel heard and he’s really and truly present, I’ve not experienced that with anyone else. I’ve enjoyed the gentle, humble space he provides…his brilliance way of entertaining….is so much fun, let alone the amazing words, insights and information he shares” Taryn Edge. BodyTalk Instructor, South Africa

About Markabadi’s Production Management

“Markabadi has completely transformed the 2 huge annual Solstice Grove gatherings for me – I finally get to enjoy them. He is a fantastic producer who proactively takes charge of the details” Jim Fournier, Planet Works 

“Having worked alongside Markabadi first hand in the creation of inspirational events, I can confidently say that his ability to organize and produce results is astounding. Crafting systems of collaboration around allotted resources and managing friction with logic and determination is a prized quality which he demonstrates great mastery over.” Jesse Eppinger, Event producer 

“Markabadi is one of the most committed and hard-working production managers I’ve partnered with. As the director of a nonprofit law firm, I have seen many people produce events – and Markabadi has some of the strongest talents I’ve experienced” Daniel Nelson, The Romero Institute

About evolve the Book

“This book needs to be part of the school curriculum as it is packed full of insight, knowing, facts,Quantum science and esoteric wisdom, all wrapped up in an amusing and highly digestible unique spiritual dish, food for your soul. Highly recommend this book to anyone who is on the path to “Know Thyself”. Congratulations Mark on a brilliant book, I devoured it quite greedily and now want seconds!” Sarah Bullock, Maccelsfield, UK

“Mark has produced an astonishing book which should be on everyone’s reading list. In his characteristically light-hearted way, he leads you through insightful and wise thoughts and facts, producing a handbook for a happier place to be. Not just food for thought but wonderful food for the soul!” Julie Silver, Prestwich, UK

“It is full of such beneficial information. Everybody needs this as a handbook to help them in their life” Hilary Knowles, Lymn, UK