Meditation for Kids

Meditation for Kids

Buddha BUGS

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Buddha Bugs – Is a new name given to the exploration of meditation for kids. There is no religious connotations or suggestions. Buddha was chosen as an example because all he did was to meditate, he never wanted to be worshiped or have any religious following. He talked about discovering for yourself, which is what we want our little ‘Bugs’ to do!

Helping children to meditate, find their inner peace and relax is a vital foundation for a happy and balanced life. Meditation will also advance your child’s intelligence (IQ -Intelligence Quotient) as well as their emotional intelligence (EQ – Emotional Quotient).

Children are our Evolution

Children are our wonder, our reflection of a worry free happy time when nothing mattered more then playing in our own imagination. In this ever increasing hectic world full of a complex array of mixed messages from schools, other cultures, TV, internet, children are now being exposed to more confusing information than ever before. It is not always as simple as it is in their heads and so sometimes they react expelling excess energy both mentally and physically.

There has been a vast amount of research showing that consistent time spent being still or meditating can help develop brain function and emotional intelligence (a measure of ability to recognise and interpret your own and others emotions).

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