#ParadoxOfConsciousness – Manifesting Dreams & Quantum Determinism

#ParadoxOfConsciousness – Manifesting Dreams & Quantum Determinism

Paradox of Consciousness – Where self manifested creativity and quantum determinism collide

Zen Buddhism identifies the paradoxical notion that you cannot search for the answer because the very search traps you inside the idea you can control the thing bigger than you. One must let go of the need to know, while still exploring. This non dual cannot be ‘known’, it cannot be digested by the mind and thus the mind has no ability to ‘get there’. This is the pathless path to the gate-less gate. The mind itself can only understand things with sides, edges. It is designed to be an (excellent) separator, the mechanism that creates dualism. In order to transcend the dualism one must first become aware that one is stuck inside it. Looking at the vessel from within the container must limit the perspective. As Plato said with his allegory of the cave, you can’t possible know what you don’t know. However, this desire to know is the beginning of all exploration. We, as Humans, seem drawn to exploring the nature of consciousness. It’s inbuilt into us, hard wired if you like, into our very notion of the point of life. We have created a surrogate of this desire (of the stars) in the notion of life achievements, money, sucess, fame etc. None of this is important to the ultimate, but to the duality it is vastly important.

It’s clear that we and our (limited) consciousness can create the future of our own reality. That’s what the ‘Secret’ is all about. This concept is not new and has been used by all (what we call) successful people on the planet. The Richard Bransons of this world all projected their future reality into existence. If you believe you are unattractive to the opposite sex you will send these messages out and prove yourself right. That is the nature of the ego, it wants to be correct. So if you tell it something, like I’m rubbish at this job, there will be a part of you that will notice and thus lead you into the evidence to validate your belief system. It’s a standard psychological bias that we are all programmed with. It’s a facet that enables us to focus upon certain things without being distracted by the rest of the world. The world itself is a quantum compression of light and sound, only manifesting into the ‘reality’ because of the observer collapsing the wave function. It brings a new idea to the philosophical question, ‘If a tree falls in a forest and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?’ With quantum physics understanding, if a tree falls and there’s none around then there is no tree! So how do we resolve the notion of needing to surrender with the ability to manifestation our own futures?

I’m a big believer in embracing our own natural talents and not trying to force properties onto something that isn’t inclined to be that way. We do this in society all the time, especially to our children and how we want them to become something that we think is great! We’re all born with a specific unique vehicle. This vehicle will never be repeated again, not till the end of time and since the dawn of time it has never been before. You have been created by the Universe to be uniquely you. As Oscar Wilde said “Be yourself because everyone else is taken”. There is none you need to be that you will not already be. You cannot make an artist into a economist and expect them to feel the joys of life. Each to their own, horses for courses, as my father likes to say.

The notion of fatalism or determinism is obvious from the non dual state, it’s as clear as clear could ever be. It’s not something that can be easily digested by the ego which of course thinks it is in control of the universe. However the ego doesn’t know where it comes from, has no idea when a thought is just going to pop into its awareness and take it on a ride. It does not think, ‘oh, I’m going to have a thought now about so and so’, and then have it. The thought just appears and leads consciousness in it’s quantum path. I say quantum determinism because it’s determinism that cannot be predicted by any source that attempts to measure it. The very act of measuring it (as in the quantum wave particle duality experiments) will interfere and alter the outcome. We’re thus caught in a determined future, we didn’t decide upon ourselves, that we cannot predict. Great! Now what? We be true and enjoy the ride!

Now on the other side of the duality / non duality coin is the connection with source, enlightenment if you like. Separate your ego life from the potential other, mysterious awareness you cannot know, only be. For a moment be gentle and un-think what you think you can understand. Once aware of the duality (and thus the prison of consciousness) our job is to accept it. Whatever our perspective, it’s fundamentally wrong, at the same time as being perfectly right. In order to have a perspective, one must have a location from which to perceive. As a result there must be another location you are NOT in! That is duality. Your opinion is the trap! That’s not to say we need to eradicate opinion. That would be impossible and actually an opinion to begin with. We simply need to accept that there are limits, to our limits 🙂

So the solution is we don’t try and get over clever. Thinking that “if someone just explained this non duality thing to me well enough, I’m sure I’d get it!” I used to think that too. As Einstein said “you can’t use the same tools that created the problem to solve the problem”. Our ego is the (beautiful) tool that created the ‘problem’. It’s only a problem form the non dual ‘perspective’. From the duality perspective it is the god of its own creation.

The truth is the reality of non duality is so very very simple that we miss it. The answer is before the formation of the question ‘where is it?’. As such, we cannot mentalise it. So we treat this paradox, from our perspective, in the way we are best designed to, dualistically. We segregate the notice of ego manifesting future form the reality that we are determined automated happenings of compressed consciousness limiting itself so it can experience. The oneness (the non duality) cannot have an experience of anything because there is nothing for it to experience itself against. There is no edge upon which its consciousness crashes so that it can compare what is and what is not.

So we can use the ego to manifest temporary stuff in this world but we cannot use the ego to escape the ego. That being said we’re preparing the ego, right now, for it to notice there are limits to its consciousness, that don’t exist here in the duality. In the duality the sky’s the limit as the saying goes. Actually there is no limit to what you can manifest. If you can imagine it, it can be. So by all means, dream your positive future alive, for although whatever will happen was always going to happen, it is yet to manifest in the NOW, the only place that actually is. That is why it’s quantum and that is why it is also determined, because in reality we are not in charge of our own thoughts, but then nor is anyone else.

Put that notion to the back of your minds, meditate upon it and use your force field of consciousness to create and manifest your desired future. Focus upon the positive because if you act out of fear, out of the belief that something bad will occur, you will find a way to prove yourself right. We are inside the paradox of being creative gods and quantum determined reactions of the universal unfolding. We can have whatever we desire, we simply need to be truth to our own selves and fulfill our design. You reading this is part of that design!


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