#Ego – Our Persistent Personality Prison

#Ego – Our Persistent Personality Prison

The Ego trap

The personality is The Lord of this world and that means the ego too. People often talk about the ego without reference to te personality. In actual fact the ego is the central ground between the yin and yang of our perception of ultimate selfishness and ultimate altruism. As Freud put it, the ‘ID’ and the ‘Superego’ are constantly battling for control over the consciousness.

The ID wants immediate gratification at any cost, it is the me me me now now now energy that you might see being displaying in a tantruming two year old. The Superego, on the hand is the internal ‘police man’, that side that tells us to sacrifice our needs for the needs of others. I think that label is outdated. First of all the police are not all honorable – many are simply hulogans who want permission to control and have power over others. many have this need to control and inflict their will upon others because they grew up without any power or control. So there is very little moral anymore about the police training. mostly it’s about staying within the law, they are outputting blind and thoughtless obedient soldiers, who fundamentally don’t want to be controlled and this there is a conflict. That being said I want to make clear there are still fine police people who go into the force with a real desire to protect the vulnerable and I honour those few.

Back to the point. The ego is the compensatory middle ground between the desire for immediate gratification (te ID) and the delayed moral sacrificing concept of what we should do in an altruistic manner (Superego). As such, our personality is our ego. Letting go of our ego is impossible from the perspective of the ego. It would be like asking the hand to let go of itself.

It is possible to talk from the place of stillness and it comes through the ego and gets flavored by it without having come from it. This would be like wearing red glass sunglasses and looking at a white light source. Even though the fundamental information from the light source is maintained , it is colored red !

When generally people say ‘oh I have no ego in that situation’ they are no meaning they are without personality. They mean they are being humble, not trying to inflict their personal biases upon the situation. However there is a significant limit to our ability to do this. Even the decision to be humble is made by the ego. There is no thinking that can happen that has not been thought- every thought is trapped within the personality and ego.

It is possible to transmit the pure one light (a kind of channeling ) but still it has to become flavored by the personality (the ego) in order for it to have from /shape/ colour here in the duality/ biased world. However if or has no actual permanent access to the divine unity then it’s a simple matter of the ego tricking itself into thinking its not the ego!

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince us he doesn’t exist. Substitute the devil for the ego and we’re getting close to the reality of matters.

So next time you make a decision and you believe it is made without ego, think again. In order to make a decision one must have a perspective , a location, a bias, an opinion. When there’s no ego there is neutrality. The neutrality, by its very nature cannot have any biases, it simply is sincerity. That sincerity is expressed through our personalities so it is concerned with us being simply out true selves.

Be under no illusion, neutrality/ divine oneness has No truth!! Tats your truth. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is truth.

So next time you think you’re doing the work of the divine, realize the divine oneness (or god if you like!) had no work that needs to be done.

All is perfect in and from that NON location.

Peace out egos!


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