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#Ego – Our Persistent Personality Prison

The Ego trap The personality is The Lord of this world and that means the ego too. People often talk about the ego without reference to te personality. In actual fact the ego is the central ground between the yin and yang of our perception of ultimate selfishness and ultimate altruism. As Freud put it,…
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#ParadoxOfConsciousness – Manifesting Dreams & Quantum Determinism

Paradox of Consciousness – Where self manifested creativity and quantum determinism collide Zen Buddhism identifies the paradoxical notion that you cannot search for the answer because the very search traps you inside the idea you can control the thing bigger than you. One must let go of the need to know, while still exploring. This…
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Murder, Death, Kill – World Vegan Day – Killing and Consuming Life?

Today is November 1st and is World Vegan Day. It’s also christian All Saints day which in contrast to Halloween is about celebrating the light and good side of life. As I spoke about in another article, Halloween is about embracing the darker side of life, the evil side (which is of course not evil…
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