#Zen #Mindfulness & Mindlessness #Meditation Workshop – The YURT – Hale Barns

#Zen #Mindfulness & Mindlessness #Meditation Workshop – The YURT – Hale Barns

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Yes, another fantastic opportunity to kick start the new year with a meditation immersion – 10am till 5pm  – Cost £60

The last meditation mindful and mindless workshop in December was a complete sucess – here is what people said about it –

“The day was fabulous. It was split up using a mix of different types of meditations, some long, some shorter, the mix and timing meant the day just flew with lots of explanations along the way. Dinner was a chance to share experiences,  Mark’s home made vegetarian curries were wonderful, his special chai tea was magical.” DS, Manchester   

“This meditation workshop is an opportunity to create a rare space and time for yourself and getting to know yourself, beyond yourself. If you’re in doubt whether you can sit still longer than 30 mins this workshop will demonstrate it’s achievable. Mark’s hospitality, passion and creativity will make this day a valuable experience of self-discovery.” RJ, Manchester

So come join a select group of people on their own journey into discovering who is really behind their own eyes. Experience a renewed sense of peace and wellness as you give yourself permission to discover the you that lies behind the you who gets worked up, over loaded, stressed and emotionally tired. The truth is there is a unity in self that is complete already, it does not need anything added to or subtracted from it. You are it!

We will cover Mudras, Breath, Mantra, Crystals, Yin/Yang, Healing, Self Love, Stress, Surrender and Self Esteem

Here is the facebook event page for those wishing to share it online – – Also for those not on facebook here is the meetup event page

I will be holding day long meditation retreats every month in Manchester – Also if you are in London or you know anyone who is then check out my new partnership with my book’s name sake the fantastic ‘evolve’ yoga centre in London – where I will be doing a meditation workshop on the 9th of Feb and a Evolving relationships and personal transformation workshop on the 29th /30th of March

What is Mindful and what is mindless meditation – Well there are two focuses within meditation teaching. The first one that has become very popular of late and is used in all forms of stress reduction and even supported by the medical world and the NHS is Mindfulness Meditation. Now this is a great form of focused awareness. It brings your attention into check and allows you the ability to harness the truth of what emotions and thoughts are present. This is a vital skill for meditation practice. For if you can’t focus upon what is present then you will never be able to accept it. So if you are depressed or anxious and you refuse to admit it, face the emotion, feel the fear or the pain, then you can never move on from it. You must LET GO, not of the feeling, of the depression, of the anxiety, but let go of resisting the feeling of it. The greatest gift you can give anyone is the space to be heard – that is true also for those emotions you don’t like. The ones that make you stressed. They do that because you are ignoring them or trying to suppress them. End that tack, simply become aware and observe, with love. This is closest to a Vipassana type meditation practice.

Now the issue with mindfulness meditation can be that people can become trapped inside the sensation of the feeling or the thought – they can hypnotize themselves into a trance that limits their progression. it is kind of like putting stabilizers (extra wheels) on a kids bike while he is learning to ride. They are great for learning and are necessary. However if you keep them on your bike after you can ride they will get in the way. So what comes next after mindfulness meditation? Well the obvious progression is to mindlessness meditation. This is closest to a Zen approach to meditation. Where there is nothing to learn and in fact nothing being the ‘aimless aim’ to walk along the pathless path to the gateless gate – You see in real meditation there can be no function of any of the Human thought patterns for that itself is within the Human mind and part of the trap. Intense deep true meditation practice is the one where you loose all connection to your body and even your mind, you float into the abyss of your own consciousness and become free form the limits you have imposed upon yourself, like depression, stress or anxiety.

For those of you who would like to practice at home here is a link to my Zen Mindfulness and mindlessness Meditation Audio class


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