#Mindfulness #Meditation Workshop Day in the Yurt – 15th Dec – Hale Barns

#Mindfulness #Meditation Workshop Day in the Yurt – 15th Dec – Hale Barns

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Mindfulness Meditation Workshop held in a beautiful safe circular wood and canvas fire heated Yurt in Hale Barns, Manchester (WA15), 15th December. We will spend the day exploring awareness of self and empowerment of heart, self esteem and wellness. £60 for the whole day 10-5pm.

Sitting in a group, sharing space has a powerful effect upon consciousness. It allows you to open your heart to unfold your happiness and self empowerment.

Meditation is the best way to empower yourself and reduce your stress levels. Especially coming up to the festive season. Let’s face it most of us spend the year not meeting with extended family. We have our routines, our distractions and without them we are more naked, vulnerable. Our family know us best and as such they automatically can push our buttons. They know exactly what reminds us of our issues, our insecurities and without thinking they go straight for the jugular.

They innocently ask about projects that might not be getting off the ground, failed partners or issues with our lives. They want to know so they can help. However this constant reminder of our issues without any room to escape to our normal patterns of distraction can be extremely stressful. Most people deal with this by drinking too much and trying to hold back their reactions so not to cause a scene.

However these two things are very incompatible. Alcohol numbs the areas of the brain (the frontal lobes) that are dedicated to self control, holding back what you really want to say. This is why when people have been drinking they are more likely to say what’s on their mind. More likely to speak their truth. So here you have a combination of wanting NOT to say anything and pairing that with reducing your ability to stop form saying anything.

The other issue is the holding back of emotions in the first place. This creates a form of social anxiety and leads to issues such as depression and lack of motivation. Just yesterday I delivered a lecture outlining that emotions repressed only create a stronger ‘strain’, resistant and concentrated.

You see, our emotions are little life forms. They are creatures, beings alive that want to be recognised, heard and loved. That is their main thing. Most people are fighting with their emotions to reject them and hold them back. This is going about it wrong. These emotions will feel the sense of rejection and fight more to be heard. So the technique of rejection actually makes the things (the emotions) you don’t want stay longer. You’re job while you are here is to accept emotions, feel them, allow them to flow through you and be breathed.

Meditation creates a pattern of acceptance and communication with your emotions. Giving yourself permission to hear yourself. So that the suppression never occurs. You feel and emotion, breathe it, express it (if you like) and move onwards to the next emotional emergence. This way you are dealing with the issue as it comes up rather than waiting till the emotions pile up in a massive mound and overwhelm you.

It is in the overwhelming that we loose control, that we say things we later regret. The ‘crimes of passion’ are things that occur when emotions overload sensations and consciousness of self and moral desires. You can never be overloaded if you deal with the emotion as it comes up.

Meditation teaches you to watch feelings and emotions and be gentle and loving towards them. It is never about suppression, always about love and acceptance.

This is your best technique to enjoy the times when you buttons get pushed.

Happy days 🙂


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