Energy Psychology & Energy Medicine Online Conference 11th Jan 2014

Energy Psychology & Energy Medicine Online Conference 11th Jan 2014

Energy Medicine Exchange embraces Energy Psychology – Online Conference January 11th 2014 (12noon EST, 5pm GMT) – To Join and watch live click the above or share this link-

Energy Psychology is becoming a very powerful therapeutic treatment against all sorts of issues. It now has many different forms and blends traditional clinical and counseling psychology with ancient meridian and energy medicine knowledge. Make sure you catch this historic free live online conference. It will also be recorded and available on youtube.

There has thus been a strong relationship between energy psychology and energy medicine practitioners over the last few years. I remember my first introduction to the fantastic Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) international conference in the states. I was working in India for Thornton Streeter at the Centre for Biofield Science in MIT University, Pune. We had just carried out a research study on one of the energy psychology techniques and scanned the people before and after with a range of energy field devices. Some were looking at light (visible and infra red) some looking at Radio waves and some were looking at phonons (sound waves).

In a typical Thornton way I was handed the research project a few days before the results had to be presented at the ACEP annual conference! So I did my research and looked at the results. We were investigating the effects of an Energy Psychology Technique – Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) before and after upon an array of participants. The results were positive.

I decided to apply my recently acquired knowledge in physics to understanding how such a shift might have occurred. One of the main holding positions had the hands at the front and the back of the head simultaneously. I had recently been researching the magnetic field output from the hands. There was much research to suggest, not only that the hand generate a significant electromagnetic output (including biophotons) but that actually each had emits the reverse spin of the other. I had known form the work of Nikola Tesla that when you combine two opposite fields you get a self cancellation out that results in some peculiar distortion and energy emissions.

I measured the location that the hand position would lead to and discovered that the central targeting point would have been the edge of the hippocampas and the amygdala. The areas involved in recall of memory and the traumatic association of it. In fact this idea fitted perfectly with the actual technique which had you recall and ‘activate’ the traumatic memory that you wanted to reduce in the first place. After you had it recalled (active) you placed the hands int he position and breathed. This in my theory set up a space time distortion in the areas that were doing the recall (the amygdala and hippocampas) and interfered with both the encoding effect and more importantly the recall effect.

You see it is quite possible that memories are not stored in the brain, and perhaps not even the body at all. Certainly there is strong evidence that the brain is merely a massively sophisticated radio antenna that receives information and processes it. It relies on the recall of data when it generates a signal ‘ordering’ the delivery of information. If this delivery gets interrupted then they never arrive. Hey presto you aren’t upset anymore when you see a spider, or think of the previously unthinkable horrific memory. You basically nullified your recall.

This talk I gave 8 years ago (when I still had some hair) was the beginning of my journey linking energy psychology with energy medicine and now I am taking another step. So please join us on January 11th 2014- 12 noon EST (5pm UTC/GMT) for a day of experts sharing their understanding and exploration of what is nature and where we exist within it.


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