#Inspired by Life

#Inspired by Life


Today I feel inspired, today I cherish life in a new way – today I vote for life, for love for acceptance of my self being truth, being authentically me. I, as are you, are unique, we are all specifically special. Moreover we will never be repeated, not till the end of time, not till the known and unknown Universes collapse back in on themselves in the great cosmic ‘re-suck’.

We have a purpose here, on this planet, in this time. A mission statement if you will. A dedication, a ‘souls’ path (for want of a better terminology). However it’s not to bring peace to earth blar blar, (although that would be cool). It’s not to save the bees (which is vital – meaning for life) nor is it to create gender equality and snuff out racist discrimination (also necessary). Alas our purpose is none of these things – our purpose is actually more simple than that. It’s so simple we miss it. It is hidden in, behind and before the first point we start looking. It is in the wind, the sun, the plants, the animals. It is buried with nature itself. It IS nature. It is OUR nature. We are not a-part of nature, we ARE nature!

So what is it, our purpose? Our meaning in life! The very question that has haunted philosophers since the dawn of conscious questioning. It’s so simple you’re going to laugh out loud when you get it.

When we’re inspired by life we’re super charged by nature to be our perfected selves.

We literally breathe in life force, ‘inspire’ which is the opposite to ‘expire’!

The Secret

The secret, the hidden gem behind all of this exploration, all of societies expectations placed upon who we ‘should be’ ‘could be’ ‘must be’ is here, already to be completed, loved by you.

The one thing, the one job you have is TO BE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF. That self that is unique, never repeated, never reproduced, not since the dawn of time, till the end of time will there be another copy. Forget past lives, they were not you, the you, you are is IT!

Congratulations, you get a gold medal at being PERFECTLY YOU.

From this moment, choose to be inspired, choose to recognise that your purpose is to be authentically you. Like the trees are authentic, or the wind is authentic, neither of these natures have to question their nature. They are simply being their truths. BE YOUR TRUTH, for it shall set you free. Allow the grace of the authetic universe touch your heart and mind. Be complete with the surrender, embrace, cry, laugh, BE!

I believe in you, I believe in myself. I inspire therefore I am!

Today I feel inspired!

Welcome to the rest of your life!


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