#Gravity of Consciousness – Where does yours lie?

#Gravity of Consciousness – Where does yours lie?

There are plenty of people who talk about gravity with regards to the terrible new film with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, thankfully I’m not!

Think about the term ‘your center of gravity’ and how that feels to you. Where does your center lie? Where do you feel it in you body? Now where do you feel it within your consciousness? Its an excellent question to stimulate the question of consciousness and bring your awareness to the mindful (and mindless) experience of the now.

Our consciousness will tend to be wherever we’ve put our attention and focus. This consciousness is our world. Reality is in the eye of the beholder and our consciousness is the gateway to our sight. It forms our perception and beliefs. However it itself is formed by our experiences. There is a feedback loop that sets it up for continued playing.

So if you spend your time focused upon all the evil and bad in the world then that is what your reality will become. Not just because you will manifest situations that will lead you places to confirm your belief system, but because you will alter your perception to notice more those things that support your belief. Your center of gravity will move towards where you compress your attention.

It is like having a blanket pinned from one wall to the other, suspended in the air. If you place a weight in the middle of the blanket then a ‘gravity’ well will appear where there is a compression vortex in the center. Then if you place other objects on the blanket, representing other experiences (lets use balls), then they will move towards the largest gravity well. This is exactly what Einstein was talking about in his special theory of relativity with regards to the planets and the universe.

As above so below. The same mathematics the govern the cosmos also govern consciousness itself.

So be careful where you put your attention because this will form how you see the world and how new experiences are interpreted by our consciousness.

Keep yourself pure in actions, thoughts and intents. In other words if you are doing something that is not in alignment with how you choose to live your life then you must change it.

Now paradoxically there is a way to remove attachment from the gravity wells you may have created already. This is meditation on the stillness of being. The more time you spend sitting in your meditation state where ‘nothing’ is happening, the more presence you form on that level. In other words, you’re creating a new center of gravity of your consciousness that is off the map of the ‘blanket’. You’re forming presence outside of the standard personality learning. As such you are unlearning the habits that lead you to attach to your biased view of the world.


This is key here. The views themselves don’t necessarily stop but the attachment to these views does. So the same shit could be happening but rather than allowing it to bring you down into the depths of depression, you allow it to be felt, breathed and to flow past you, because you’re not attached as you were before. You’re center has shifted with your practice of mindfulness or more accurately mindlessness. I’ll discuss that tomorrow!


So the freedom is not the stopping of the experience, quite the opposite. It’s in the embracing of the experience, fully breathing it as you are designed to do, without attaching to its history or future consequences. You are here to feel, live your truth. Your truth might be you’re feeling shit today, and that’s just perfect! Embrace it!




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