#Motivation & #UniversalConsciousness – Less is More

#Motivation & #UniversalConsciousness – Less is More

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On Tuesday night I gave an integrated lecture on Motivation and how Universal consciousness might interact with different factors that effect inspiration and sense of life purpose. Emotional wellbeing is one of the main features that effects motivation and weather a coaching client will carry out the exercises and change their limiting beliefs. I explained the importance of the duality system, that there is always two sides to everything. There is always a duality, a digital and an analogue system, a logical and emotional, a masculine and feminine.

With the understanding of duality one can start to realise that sometimes the ‘best attack is sometimes a retreat’. In other words giving up to win or less is more! The group I spoke to were a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Hypnotherapy coaching group in Manchester, working on how to better motivate their clients. I explained that awareness is the first key. One must be aware that motivation is not a simple matter of telling a client what to do, standing behind them whipping them into shape. Here, ‘do this exercise’ or ‘complete this task’. One needs to understand the motivation or lack of motivation that is zapping the inspiration from the client. For that we need to know what makes their heart sing! What makes your heart sing? IS that a question you have ever even asked yourself?

Generally in society we ask ourselves, what will make money, or what SHOULD I be doing with my life. This leads to a one sided approach to living. This is not holistic, it is disabled! Especially in the Western world we focus upon achievement and sucess being measured with how much money you earn or how big your house is. We force our children into directions , because we think they will be happier if they earn more money. However, this process often suppresses their own desires and what they really what gets repressed. This becomes a kind of self hypnosis creating a type of bipolar disorder. Even if this bipolar psychosis itself doesn’t become symptomatic, it will lead to a disharmony somewhere in the personality. This might result in later symptoms of depression, insomnia, social anxiety and even nervous breakdowns. Sometimes it’s only at the point of a nervous breakdown that a client can actually admit that they have been repressing their true emotions all this time. As Carl Jung said “Condemnation does not free it oppresses”.

As I was explaining to a client today, the one way forward is never to try and reject your emotions. Your truth is your truth and no one can tell you what that is. Here the paradox of consciousness arises. I’ve refereed to this in previous articles on Ego as well as the concept in Mindfulness meditation verses Mindlessness meditation. We are so focused upon achieving our goals (the logical mind) that we often forget that without emotional buy in there is no motivation, no inspiration. So the emotional side that motivates people and prevents the build up of anger and resentment (mostly towards ourselves) is based upon the Universal concept of Love. Now love is not ”ooohh I LOVE you’ kind of possessive neediness – No it’s actually a love that allows for something to exist, not needing to reject it, a kind of unconditional acceptance, an allowance of things to BE. Interesting we find that our society is also stuck in this phase of rejection, which is why we as parents have very little parental guidance to help us bring up our children in a spiritually conscious way.

As Russell Brand has recently been identifying , our system itself is a corruption and a one sided approach to living. So it doesn’t matter which of the sides you vote for, they are all on the one side of the coin, looking at inequality. The people who are in power, remain in power. The industries who propagate the divide in society continue to do so regardless of which political party is in power. Back to the point at hand, that the entirety of consciousness, from the dynamics of the Human biology to the subtle nature of the conscious and the subconscious, there is a split. In the body we find the connective tissue (the collagen) fibers (the most abundant material in all living matter) is the analogue system, detecting every tiny signal. On the other hand the nervous system (which itself is also split into the parasympathetic and the sympathetic systems) is the digital system, ‘on’ or ‘off’. As above so below.

So when we are working with goals and what motivates people, trying to deal with increasing self esteem and self belief, we need to deal with the emotional side of love and acceptance as well. Not just the masculine nature of targeting a goal, but in the feminine nature of providing a space to listen to the heart for it is here that the power and the fuel to motivate and inspire you will come from. As Confucius said ‘Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life’ Mindfulness meditation is a key to tuning into your inner beliefs, your heart’s desires. The more you practice meditation, turning up and watching yourself simple BE, the more your meditation practice will lead you into an understanding of your life’s purpose. No one can tell you what this is. You have to be brave enough to allow yourself to be heart. Drop the repression, feel the anger that might result and accept it. Reject your anger and you will continue to repress it. The only way through is through, so ‘womban’ up. Love is the answer to many of the questions.

Your inspiration and motivation for life is and always has been inside you. There is nothing outside that needs to be found, to be discovered. You are the answer you’ve been looking for. Time to engage in more self hypnosis, just this time telling yourself you are the most important person in your life, you are the one you must look towards and love. When you realise how important you are, any issues with your own self esteem, anger, anxiety, insomnia will dissolve. If you have a weight problem you will lose weight fast, you won’t need fancy fad diets or repressive diets, you will be healthy eating by default, effortlessly. You will sleep like a baby, and frustrations in relationships will melt away. It’s simple, so simple we often miss it. Be true to yourself and if you ask someone for help, don’t allow yourself to be the victim, giving away your power only to be propped up for a few months to fall later. Embrace your own power and do the same for others.

It’s not about control and repression but about Universal love, allowing people to feel confident to be themselves. If you’re lacking motivation, then motivate others. Your empowerment and thus your confidence is dependent upon how much you are able to step back and give yourself space to be loved and accepted. Rejection, even of rejection itself, is still rejection and will lead to a lowered view of self, zapping your confidence and motivation for life. You want life passion then embrace your truth, your heart’s voice is there for the hearing, just remain still and you shall hear yourself sing!



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