#Motivation, #LIfeCoaching & Spiritual Life Coaching -Duality of Consciousness

#Motivation, #LIfeCoaching & Spiritual Life Coaching -Duality of Consciousness

This is one of my latest talks on NLP, Motivation, self esteem, empowerment and the collective unconscious.

What motivates you? What is your passion for life? What makes your heart sing?

These questions are very rarely asked as we find ourselves living in a society that seems to disregard our own intuition, our own passion. We are being manipulated by a system that dumbs us down into a structure that is not embracing our inspiration. As such motivation will eventually fail. Our happiness will fade and joy will be no more.

At this point you might suffer from depression, insomnia, weight gain, weight loss, anger, anxiety or even a nervous breakdown! Here I present the concept that blends life coaching with spiritual life coaching.

This is not about just achieving goals and motivating you to perform. This is about making yourself feel complete and heart lead. This is your job while you are here, to BE yourself. This will protect the joy of your relationships, enabling you to have more productive parenting relationships, romantic relationships and even relationship with yourself.

There is a duality to our lives, a yin and yang, a good and bad – I’ve referred to this in a previous article.

The true thing that motivates us are our emotions. Most people have learned to suppress them. Hold them back. They are the force that lead you forward or the thing that holds you back. We must understand the logical side to the emotions if we are to allow the integration of self, the YOGA (meaning union) of self. So there is a holistic approach to motivation. We must be both Yin and Yang, the digital logical goal setting perspective as well as the analogue emotional visioning manifestation parts of self.

If you’re having problems in your life, insomnia, depression, ptsd (post traumatic stress disorder) lack of motivation, lack of love etc, then perhaps there is something you are resisting, something you are holding back. Coaching is not just about helping the client set life goals  and then you’re done. Those goals will lead people to a place but then there is no guarantee that happiness will follow. Goals can be cold, unemotional and not heartfelt. There has to be presence with your practice, with your life.

Life is not to get to the end goal – yes there is a progression, like music, but there is no focus upon the last note. It is not about reaching the end goal. It is about learning to live the dance of life, that is truly the motivation. There really is nowhere to go, even though there is constant movement. The only constant in life is change.

Less can be more. In physics and quantum physics there is a concept called Phase Transition – meaning that a very small signal can create a massive cascade and change in a larger system. In other words, small things can have massive effects.

So if you are having difficulty in life, either achieving your goals (so in motivation and productivity) or in relationships (sexually, parental, with self) perhaps a new tactic would be to do LESS. Work less hard to achieve more.

I also make an identity between the masculine movements and the feminine movements.

We could even say that traditional life coaching would be masculine logical goal setting and that spiritual life coaching (where we embrace visions not goals) is a more feminine emotional movement.

So whenever you think you need to work HARDER at something, consider the fact that perhaps you have to work less hard. Perhaps instead of continuing to be tough on yourself, hard on yourself, angry with yourself because you are depressed, perhaps you should do the opposite. Perhaps you should be loving, allowing yourself permission to FEEL the emotion of depression, feel anxiety. Of course people feel they are being overwhelmed by the emotions. These interfering emotions will only get in the way when you repress them.

Embrace your truth. That means all your emotions. Hold them, love them, be flexible. You have to start to give love to yourself if you want your self esteem to grow. If you really want to achieve your goals somewhere you have to let go of them and embrace the heart that leads you.

You will find motivation starts to embrace you. It starts to hold you with love and then happiness and joy will emerge.

Your empowerment can happen when you surrender your attempts to resist yourself. Do you see. Let go and let LOVE.




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