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#Anonymous, #Rustyrockets #Corruption & #MillionMaskMarch

Well it seems like several of my posts have come together to identify the linking thread between them all. That being global corruption and greed. As commented yesterday the excellent anti oppression group #Anonymous have successfully organised global marches against the misuse of power. Power to the silent masses they say. This idea, this revolution…
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#Poppies, #BinLaden & RichardDawkin’s Honey – Terror & War

So Richard Dawkins goes off on one about his honey being taken from him at airport security in the US on remembrance Sunday in the UK. He blames Bin Laden in a twitter rant that exclaims ‘Bin Laden has won’ and I actually have to disagree. Not because I think the honey should have been…
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#Bitcoin – Global greed & curruption of the banking system

Today sees the opening of the first Bitcoin ATM cash machine in a Canada coffee shop. This signals a change in global currency that will sweep through all of our lives. We’ve already seen attempts to unify currency here in Europe, even though the UK refuse to let go of the Great British Pound, there…
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