#Poppies, #BinLaden & RichardDawkin’s Honey – Terror & War

#Poppies, #BinLaden & RichardDawkin’s Honey – Terror & War

So Richard Dawkins goes off on one about his honey being taken from him at airport security in the US on remembrance Sunday in the UK. He blames Bin Laden in a twitter rant that exclaims ‘Bin Laden has won’ and I actually have to disagree. Not because I think the honey should have been taken but because I don’t think he should have blamed Bin Laden.

While in the UK we were celebrating (or commemorating) Remembrance Sunday to remember how us British twice delivered our young men to the slaughter in two world wars. Ebay removes the sale of actual Auschwitz uniforms and apologies and the debate goes on as to wearing a poppy means you support war or not.

How are all these things connected. Well it is all about war and all about big business benefiting from wars. I think the idea of separation and tribal inter-group discrimination is the main reason for conflicts.

Today I was speaking with my sister’s half race American Indian boyfriend. We were talking about the new Lone Ranger film with #JonnyDepp and how there is up raw in the native America community about how a ‘white man’ was hired to play the most blatant American Indian part ever cast, ‘Tonto’. But it is Jonny Depp and he is brilliant and he does claim to have some Native American ancestry. More important than Jonny Depp (as if there could be such a thing) is the issue brought up in the story. It’s yet again another tribal dispute over greed which in one of my articles (yes the Russell Brand one) I talk about how greed must origin in the fear of not having enough. It’s the same story with the Bin Laden wars, or as some would put it the Illuminati’s Pearl Harbor II. You see there is big money to be made out of war. You think that the people elected in charge of the countries are not influenced by the people who paid to support and get them there? You think that after years of being yes men to industry (energy, weapons & medicine) policy, they suddenly grow a moral code and start to do the right thing?

The right thing is to not look for any reason to go to war. John Kennedy knew this. He wanted to stop the American war machine growing its manufacturing industry on the back of war. He wanted to pull out of Vietnam and what happened? Well we know what happened, oh yes the lone gunman, with the magic bullet, how convenient! Or as one of the best lines out of one of the best films ‘Shawshank Redemption’ – “actually, considering the circumstances I find it considerably inconvenient” After JFKs death, as nicely introduced in Oliver Stone’s ‘Untold History of America’, the government proceeded to solidify the strategy to have a peace time war production and weapons became America’s  main economy boost. America proceeded to interfere with other country’s internal affairs and organise coups, revolts and upraising that would work politically in their favour. As has been going on for years across the globe, back room meetings and behind the scene plans were made to topple regimes and bring down kings, all because there was fear about being out done by the out-group. The Russians, the Muslims, the Chinese.

America trained Bin Laden, take billions of dollars of investment from his family and all of a sudden their naughty boy goes AWOL. It’s a bit like the rouge 00 agent in Skyfall.  The main point being, do you think it’s just a coincidence that America’s economy is very much supported by the weapon industry? It’s like Bill Hicks used to say, “I’m sick and tired of arming the world and then going and blowing the shit out of them”. You’ve been sold the idea that there are bad guys and good guys and that one country is good and the other bad. Like in the Israel and Syria conflict. The people who make the weapons want there to be a conflict, they get very rich off it. They want your support. They convince you there is no choice but to fight.

How much of the Bush family fortune was made by working with the Nazis? A lot! Back then we didn’t have the internet. We didn’t have this tool of communication and research. We debate over wearing Poppies or not, but actually we should be debating who are we fighting the wars for?

Back to Dawkin’s honey. I’m surprised that he has been so duped! I thought he would at least understand that it’s quite likely that Bin Laden was a patsy just like Lee Harvey Oswald. We must look to the home front, to the intentions of the people with their finger on the button. What do they want? Who are they?

Ok, so it sounds conspiracy theory. But we know that 1% of the worlds population control 80% of the wealth. This is maintained by creating demand for the industries that they own. Oil (middle east) weapons (works for the middle east as well) and pharmacology (medications to dumb down the senses of the population)

Wakey, wakey!

So forget blaming Bin Laden for Dawkin’s honey pot, instead think what are the rules in place for? Do you really think that his honey was a threat? No! The powers that be are using fear as a control tactic to make you believe they have no other choice to protect your safety. It’s V for Vendetta again. They are demanding blind obedience from these trained security guards, one TSA agent was recently shot and killed in LAX by the way, so that they can put into place marshal law without anyone batting an eyelid. If you train people long enough with fear, fear of a pot of honey, then they will do anything you ask them.

I invite you, don’t give into the fear, breathe from joy and realise that you can and do create the world you live in. It is inside your head that the collapse of the wave function occurs. It’s a big illusion that you are a victim. You’ve been convinced it is the case and so you become the creator of the realty that sucks!

Change it up. Will yourself into a trusting, joyful society and we shall have it, Poppies or not!



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