Stormy Weather & Emotional release #ukstorms

Stormy Weather & Emotional release #ukstorms

The south of the UK is currently being hit with the most powerful storm in decades. The air stream is part of the very moving dynamic of the latitude that the UK finds itself on. The movement of weather is intermittently connected to our own emotional states, just as the movements of the moon is. This happens on both a mental level and physical one.

We are not separate from the environment we find ourselves within. Like fish in the sea we’re breathing the air around us and are interacting with millions of bits of electromagnetic (EM) movement around us. Storms (like the #ukstorms) come combined with massive movements in electrical activity, even if there is no visible lightning. The accumulation of all the electrical activity on the planet is known as the Schumann Resonance. Waves can either add together or cancel each other out. In other words, every wave (on the EM spectrum) interferes with every other wave and in a closed system becomes what’s known as a standing wave. The Earths upper atmosphere acts as a shield to space waves (including solar radiation) and consequently keeps most EM waves internal to the Earth, including man made EM pollution as well as naturally occurring waves.

An alright animation that gives you an idea about this bouncing and interference effect of man-made waves can be found below – even though the upper atmosphere has been exaggerated in size for this animation.

So stormy weather is an excellent opportunity to let go of previous emotional traumas that are otherwise quite strongly stabalised within your Human system because the atmosphere that is usually present while you are holding your issues has changed and so you have the opportunity to also move forward. So the UK Storms are a great chance to move your traumas and breathe with the new energy coming in.

It’s just like when you really want to have a transitional conversation with someone close to you who is holding onto a trauma or anxiety around a topic, take them for a walk by a river. The faster flowing the better. There is a psychological effect to this movement as well as an actual physical. The physics of moving water and its entangled effect upon our emotions is only just being revealed.

Use the storms to breathe the freshness deeply – enjoy the emotions that rise up inside you. Stand out in the rain (safely) and allow yourself to feel revitalised by the energy movement of the planet.

Enjoy the shifts


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