Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching

A spiritual life coach is a guide to a happier life, offering a mirror to the unhealthy patterns arising from stress and conflict in your life, while simultaneously holding a vision for your successful self to be happy. There is a magic to this practice which is similar to the magic that occurs in the quantum world in comparison to the Newtonian. 

The art of happiness is more simple than our chaotic minds would have us believe.  Happiness begins in the mindfulness of the moment, being present to all the clutter, stress and unbalanced habits that keep us stuck in an uninspired, fearful and unhealthy life. 

What will Spiritual life coaching do for you? 

There are many different types of life coaches to choose from. These are just some of the ways how Spiritual Life Coaching will impact your life and transform your life.

  • Gain inner peace – Realizing your inner grace grants a sense of relief from the struggle of life, learning to enjoy the journey.
  • Ignite your true passion –  Removing unhealthy and fear based directions that sabotage your happiness. Learning how to allow your inspiration to feed your health & fitness goals.
  • Empower your flexibility to change – Expanding your courage and confidence to deal with any life challenges, in real time
  • Clarify your communication – Speaking from your center you will gain respect, loyalty and support from your friends and work colleagues.
  • Become more organised – By acknowledging the deep truths before your goals, you’ll release courage to face the disorganized impediments that previously overloaded you with stress because you were avoiding them. 
  • Achieve your health & fitness goals – Coming from your center, you will remember why you are choosing healthy actions, not because of some external pressure and stress, but because of your own inner desire to love oneself.
  • Realize Universal love – Freeing yourself from the illusion that you are not enough, not good enough, when in fact you are already perfect, just the way you are!
  • Rediscover your childlike happiness – To be Happy is a right and a joy that we all experience as children. Reclaim that connection to source, bringing mindfulness to the subtle moment of NOW, wherein lies all of creation, all of bliss. 

The essence of the work is in decluttering the mental, physical and emotional spaces in your world so that stress is removed and a greater communication with your own inner peace can be revealed. 

Once you becomes mindful of inner peace then the foundations for love and happiness are laid. One can then, from a happier life stance, choose, without fear, anxiety and stress, a path to a healthier more spiritually balanced and productive life. Most people attempt to bypass these simple happiness realisations, in favour of an imaginary future happy self. This tactic might well achieve goals of acquisition and possessions, however it is not the basis for a happier family life.  

Meditation, breath, mindfulness and relaxation are the fundamental building blocks to a happier life. With this relaxed foundation, one can authentically choose their behaviour change, opting for better nutrition, greater work life balance and declutter old, toxic, uninspiring habit patterns. 

Spiritual life coaching is for the edge runners who would like the achievement but realise the journey is the true prize.

Spiritual life coaching likes company

Spiritual life coaching often includes wellness coaching because a more balanced spiritual life is also a more physically healthy one as well. Furthermore, as an increased awareness (or mindfulness) in the magic in the moment occurs, so too must life skills such as communication, organisation and decluttering rise to support it.

Mindfulness coaching allows people to become aware of the inner and outer toxic clutter that stresses them. Within this authenticity, spiritual healing and an inner balance can be realized. It’s no longer sustainable to play the mental avoidance game of ‘I’ll be happier when…’, but rather an authentic communication with each moment emerges. You can then realize that happiness is present for you to discover in every moment of now!    

This ‘mindfulness moment’ reveals the spiritual truth that sets you free from stressful overload and unhealthy life balance. Happiness is not some future goal but emerges from each moment, gracefully and effortlessly. When realized you shall free yourself from the chaos of the monkey mind frantically searching in vain, running from the past towards an imagined unattainable future. The truth shall set you free, and it does!

Within this approach there must be an authentic acceptance of the shadow side of self, understanding where the lost, fearful, anxious and avoidance behaviour originates. There is an origin of everything, and honoring the origin, releases any pent up, hidden resistance. Within this release, there’s an abundance of energy to propel you forward on your chosen path!   

Many people are feeling the strain of today’s shifting markets, and the accelerating pace of cultural change. These days its normal to feel confused about how to pivot and blend your desire to do something meaningful, with your need to generate income.

Often emotional issues and habits get in the way of our own success. You may be fully aware of these, or they might remain unconscious, influencing your actions without your awareness. Either way, bringing them into the light of acceptance, unhooking the anchors holding you in an unhappy, unfulfilled and cluttered life.

Being the Mirror

The reflection of a life coach is vital. An eye cannot see itself! A genuine, authentic and loving reflection is worth more than a thousand hours of goal setting. These reflections offer us a true glimpse into our hidden, blind spots, the hole in our plan which keeps us from achieving. The thing that eluded you and the reason you’re still reading these words. The secret is so simple we miss it. It is not a fight, but a dance, here to be enjoyed, in a happier now. Simply becoming spiritually mindful allows us to tune back into the origins of the Universe, in other words love, which frees us from the blindness of our avoidance. Our toxic fear is, in essence, a rejection of the self at the most fundamental, foundational level! How can we really align our actions with our goals if our true self is hidden from us out of fear? Most all our habits, that are holding us back are built upon this fear. 

What are you most afraid of? Is it being rejected because you’re useless, unwanted and thus unloved? Although a cliche, love is the answer and even more so, self love is a power beyond power!   

We all have this gift, this grace of recognition. If only we stayed still enough to notice the subtle nature of reality behind the panic hunt for a future idea of self. The truth of the matter is so subtle, so simple, we miss it!