Author: sparklebadger

Stormy Weather & Emotional release #ukstorms

The south of the UK is currently being hit with the most powerful storm in decades. The air stream is part of the very moving dynamic of the latitude that the UK finds itself on. The movement of weather is intermittently connected to our own emotional states, just as the movements of the moon is.…
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Russell Brand – Veto the Vote – Ingenious or Idiotic?

So Russell Brand gave a very stimulating (although short) interview to Jeremy Paxman last week and it has caused quite a stir on the social media sites, blog talk etc. Camps seem divided between whether this was a powerful call to action motivating people into taking charge and moving forward or some egotistical self obsessed…
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Self acceptance and freedom from negative projection

Most people are fighting against things in their life that they don’t like. This makes perfect sense. Why would you want something that is unpleasant to continue. However there is an issue with this approach. Your fighting against the issue might be the thing (or at least one of the things) feeding it. You see…
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