Self acceptance and freedom from negative projection

Self acceptance and freedom from negative projection

Most people are fighting against things in their life that they don’t like. This makes perfect sense. Why would you want something that is unpleasant to continue. However there is an issue with this approach. Your fighting against the issue might be the thing (or at least one of the things) feeding it.

You see we as Humans have a desire or actually a need in most cases to be RIGHT. We want to be right at any costs. If you think about it it’s actually obvious. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others and our entire society is based upon the principles of right and wrong. This is what causes most of the workplace stress and illness. You get overloaded with tasks and then you put a judgement on yourself for not being good enough or not doing something well enough. Before you know it you’ve built a habit pattern that tells you, you always do things not good enough, wrong! Who wants to be wrong? No one!

So you, mostly without being aware, set about proving that you’re in fact right, correct, on target, accurate. Now here is the problem – if you are believing that you’re a bad person, or that this thing annoys you then you will find a way to confirm this to yourself so that you can ‘Prove yourself right!’

This becomes a kind of self fulfilling prophesy. You in fact will seek out situations that you will fail in (prove your negative self perspective) so that you fulfill this addictive sense of needing to be right. It is an addition and like any drug addiction the first step in healing is to admit it. Stand up and say “Hello, my name is Mark and I’m a negative self fulfilling prophesy addict!” Ok, so it doesn’t have the same ring as the AA introduction, but it is true.

So time to stop projecting your own fear into the future only to prove yourself right again about your negative beliefs. Evolve (plug) and free yourself from your own trap through self acceptance and love.

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