Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching

A spiritual life coach is a guide to a happier life, offering a mirror to the unhealthy patterns arising from stress and conflict in your life, while simultaneously holding a vision for your successful self to be happy. There is a magic to this practice which is similar to the magic that occurs in the quantum world in comparison to the Newtonian.

The art of happiness is more simple than our chaotic minds would have us believe.  Happiness begins in the mindfulness of the moment, being present to all the clutter, stress and unbalanced habits that keep us stuck in an uninspired, fearful and unhealthy life.

What will Spiritual life coaching do for you? 

There are many different types of life coaches to choose from. These are just some of the ways how Spiritual Life Coaching will impact your life and transform your life.

  • Gain inner peace – Realizing your inner grace grants a sense of relief from the struggle of life, learning to enjoy the journey.
  • Ignite your true passion –  Removing unhealthy and fear based directions that sabotage your happiness. Learning how to allow your inspiration to feed your health & fitness goals.
  • Empower your flexibility to change – Expanding your courage and confidence to deal with any life challenges, in real time
  • Clarify your communication – Speaking from your center you will gain respect, loyalty and support from your friends and work colleagues.
  • Become more organised – By acknowledging the deep truths before your goals, you’ll release courage to face the disorganized impediments that previously overloaded you with stress because you were avoiding them.
  • Achieve your health & fitness goals – Coming from your center, you will remember why you are choosing healthy actions, not because of some external pressure and stress, but because of your own inner desire to love oneself.
  • Realize Universal love – Freeing yourself from the illusion that you are not enough, not good enough, when in fact you are already perfect, just the way you are!
  • Rediscover your childlike happiness – To be Happy is a right and a joy that we all experience as children. Reclaim that connection to source, bringing mindfulness to the subtle moment of NOW, wherein lies all of creation, all of bliss.

Markabadi combines spiritual life coaching practice with wellness coaching and life skills, allowing for a truly holistic life coaching experience. The essence of the work is in decluttering the mental, physical and emotional spaces in your world so that stress is removed and a greater communication with your own inner peace can be revealed.

Once you becomes mindful of inner peace then the foundations for love and happiness are laid. One can then, from a happier life stance, choose, without fear, anxiety and stress, a path to a healthier more spiritually balanced and productive life. Most people attempt to bypass these simple happiness realisations, in favour of an imaginary future happy self. This tactic might well achieve goals of acquisition and possessions, however it is not the basis for a happier family life.

Meditation, breath, mindfulness and relaxation are the fundamental building blocks to a happier life. With this relaxed foundation, one can authentically choose their behaviour change, opting for better nutrition, greater work life balance and declutter old, toxic, uninspiring habit patterns.

Spiritual life coaching is for the edge runners who would like the achievement but realise the journey is the true prize.

This coaching service is a holistic integration of all aspects of your life, to enhance your total performance and satisfaction. With two degrees in Psychology, Markabadi utilizes evidence-based techniques from positive psychology,  occupational Health Psychology, and Holistic Medicine to reveal the nature of unwanted habits, opening paths to genuine positive behavior change that feeds your wellbeing.

Markabadi also integrates biophysics and informational energy medicine to encourage and support your evolution. This multifaceted type of spiritual life coaching also supports diverse goals, like superior work focus, out-of-the-box creativity, and excellence in sports, giving you the extra edge.

If you want to achieve your highest potential and simultaneously become mindful of the happiness within every moment, then spiritual life coaching awaits.

Services can be in-person or over Skype/Zoom.

Send an email to markabadi@spiritoflifecoach.com for more information.

Prices are $180 per hr in person and $150 per hr online. Click the button below for a free initial consultation or to book a session.

Coaching packages: To book email Coach@markabadi.com

  • Amethyst $850; 3 months, 6 x 1hr Sessions, copy of ebook evolve, a personal meditation audio recording.
  • Ruby $1750; 6 months, 12 x 1 hr sessions Sessions, copy of physical book evolve, 3 personal meditation audio recordings, a personalised subliminal audio sleep track.
  • Diamond $6000; 12 months, 48 x 1 hr sessions, copy of ebook evolve, 6 personal meditation audio recordings, 3 personalised subliminal audio sleep tracks, text support, weekly reminders.