Syntonium Productions

%Spiritual life coachin %Mindfulness meditation anxietyMarkabadi’s production house is called Syntonium Productions. Syntonium is a company focused on advancing sustainable education and living media.

Syntonium comes from the greek ‘Syntonic’ which means ‘to be in harmony with one’s environment’. Syntonium is dedicated to helping you be the most brilliantly Creative Genius fantastic YOU, you can be! Sometimes the actual production process can get in the way of the creative process. Markabadi has the skills to support you in the structure and crystalization of your creative project. He has written and self published books, video courses and live workshops (both online and in person) and is familiar with the technology needed to complete a professional output

%Spiritual life coachin %Mindfulness meditation anxiety

This Symbol of the woman with an old fashioned bike (used on the cover of the book evolve) has come to represent the changing times of technology and knowledge. It embraces the evolution not only of technology but of society at large. Syntonium provides support for you to get your message across through a range of techniques from video to written books and from recorded lectures to live transformational workshops. The focus is in creating space for people to unfold and be heard.

Syntonium is a production house that can gather experts in services including:

If you are interested in any of the above services please get in touch.