Event Production

Allow for the creative genius of experiences while taking care of the logistical elements of event production is a fine art. Markabadi has a deep, multi-tasking, logistic mindset that can handle cross departmental coordination and inter-functionality, while simultaniously holding sacred creative space at the core. Markabadi feels a deep privilege and honour in creating sacred spaces that allow people to transform into a greater version of themselves. The art of event production can be a complex quantum jigsaw puzzle to play.

Markabadi has created transformational experiences for over 20 years. He began running therapy retreat centers in the UK and India. He’s organised intimate deep dive development retreats as well as professional conferences for 1000s, both in person and online. Since moving to USA in 2014, he’s produced several large festivals and Expos. He was lead producer at the 5000 person Bhaktifest and Shaktifest in 2015/18 as well as the Pure Living Expo 2015. Markabadi has also worked with a variety of social justice (Lakota PeoplesLaw Project) and personal empowerment programs.  

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Begging Lakota People’s Law Project (www.lplp.org) sponsored awareness tour with Chase Iron Eyes & Drop Water Protector’s DAPL Pipeline Charges Tour 2017.
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Ariel Art project with John Quigley & UNIFY at Bhaktifest 2015