#evolve #Meditation Workshop – London 9th Feb -Advantages

#evolve #Meditation Workshop – London 9th Feb -Advantages

Meditation WORKSHOP Immersion, South Kensington, London, Feb 9th 10am-430

Well here we are again – after another intensive Zen Mindfulness (and mindlessness) meditation workshop in the Yurt.

The entire day was spent with courageous students looking more and more deeply inwards. The idea that you get back what you put out is not so valid as the understanding and actually the realisation that you get back in life what you put IN. That is if you give your self a hard time about things, are non loving and judgmental then the world around you will be the same.

As I’ve said before it is Human nature to look for evidence to confirm what it believes to be true. If you belief you are worthless then you will find evidence in the world that supports that belief. So be careful what you say to yourself as you are generating a self fulfilling prophesy! You think you are right and you will go to many lengths to prove it to yourself.

I am taking my meditation workshop on the road – February the 9th 2014 in London’s wonderful Yoga centre ‘evolve’. http://evolvewellnesscentre.com/mindful-mindless-meditation/

Come check it out – give yourself the gift of going inwards to look for answers. Actually it’s a trick, there are no answers inside, just the realisation that the peace within you can be your life. All the stress and strain will still be present, its just you will be much more accepting and loving towards it. This means you n longer will get stressed, you will simply smile more and enjoy the journey. Your intuition will increase and you wellbeing both physically and psychologically will skyrocket.

Meditation is not just sitting quietly somewhere – or as my funny friend says  -‘pretending to not sleep’ – It is so much more, well actually so much less, but let’s not confuse matters.

You meditation is your way into your wellness, your joy, you power –

Give yourself the gift. Spend 5 minutes every morning just watching your breath. After a week you will realise why you are doing it, people will notice, you will notice and you will continue because it benefits your life, your consciousness and your happiness!

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