Thank You & Welcome

Thank you for taking the next step in your meditation journey and “Making Meditation Your Habit” for 2021.

Each group is a sacred closed container that resets each month. We meet once a week and in between your job is to give yourself a daily dedication to self. We will also have a text chat group which serves to support our daily accountability and social inspiration. I am also available for 1 to 1 Creative Genius Coaching – See my page here.

There are no age restrictions for any classes.   

Please find below the time and Zoom Link IDs for each meditation group. Please stick to your chosen group’s meeting time throughout the calendar month. 

Your Preparations

Create a sacred space that is set aside specifically for your meditation practice. Make this a comfortable space, somewhere you feel safe and won’t be disturbed by noise or others. Your sitting position should enable your back to remain as straight as possible, while still allowing you to feel relaxed. While meditation positions vary with each person, the general recommendation is to have your bottom raised several inches from the floor, allowing a slight forward tilt to the hips. Lighting should be soft, if any; eye masks and ear plugs are good to have available. Designate a thick shawl or warm blanket to keep in your meditation space so it’s there when you need it. The idea is to create a ‘cave-like’ environment where you can feel safe enough to surrender the need to deal with the spinning world.

My study guide ‘evolve’

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My book “evolve” is a detailed overview of the holistic nature of self-acceptance and self-nourishment. I wrote this book for the intrepid explorer of consciousness who recognises the need to balance mind, body, emotions and spirit for true holistic health. It’s also written in a lighthearted way, with cartoons, to allow for ‘a spoon for of sugar to help the medicine go down.’ You can get a copy either of the physical book or digital download here – Enjoy!

Your Creative Genius Coaching Session

To support you in instilling meditation as a habit, I am offering you a free 30-minute Creative Genius Coaching session. To book in your session, please go here to select a time slot.

Group Meeting Schedule

GroupTime (PT)Date Zoom Link Password
19:30am-11amFebruary 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th Meeting ID: 850 5664 1489LovingSelf
26:30pm-8pmFebruary 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24thMeeting ID: 821 6868 6339meditation

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch at

In joyful service,