Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching


There is something different about this type of coaching. Something real and natural. It is not simply goal orientated targeting, it is understanding the emotional aspect of living. Without truly living your life you are an automated machine carrying out action you don’t own, love, enjoy. Running the rat race. Even if you win, you are still a rat! So this form of spiritual life coaching is for the edge runners, those who would like the achievement but realise that the journey is the true prize.

This coaching service is a holistic integration of all aspects of your life, to enhance your total performance and satisfaction. Using techniques from performance and occupational psychology we will explore the nature of habits and unwanted behaviour patterns and how we might morph these into genuine transformations and positive behaviour patterns that contribute to your wellbeing.

We will integrate the latest technology from biophysics and informational medicine to encourage and support the transition. This type of spiritual life coaching is ideal for high performance work focus and sports coaching. It can give you the extra edge in this competitive world.

Many people are feeling the strain of today’s shifting markets not to mention cultural integration and change. Many people, children and adults, are confused with how they might blend their desire to do something meaningful with their need to generate income.

Often there are emotional issues and habits that get in the way of our own success. You might be fully aware of these or they might remain unconscious, influencing your actions without you knowing it. Either way we need to bring them to the surface and unhook the anchors that hold us back in daily living.

An eye cannot see itself and it is because of this we often gain immense benefit from the reflection of others, often giving us the break through we’ve been looking for. It is about finding your eureka moment and going with it, as the surfer does the wave. It is not a fight but a dance and it is there to be enjoyed! All we need to do is locate the habits and beliefs interfering with you living your truth to your highest potential, breathe through them and evolve beyond those limits.

I also offer remote coaching and life mentoring via Skype Video or over the telephone. I find that as I am often travelling that my clients benefit from having me there to provide them with spiritual life support and even just to be heard, so that they again can breathe. Send an email to markabadi@spiritoflifecoach.com for more information.

Prices are $120 per hour.