Syntonium Productions

Syntonium SHL shortSyntonium Productions is a company interested in progressing conscious community sustainable education and living.

Syntonium comes from the greek ‘Syntonic’ which means ‘to be in harmony with one’s environment’. Syntonium is dedicated to helping you be the most brilliantly fantastic YOU, you can be!

Syntonium Publishing logo

This Symbol of the woman with an old fashioned bike (used on the cover of evolve) has come to represent the changing times of technology and knowledge. It embraces the evolution not only of technology but of society at large. We are interested in creating a space for people to unfold and be heard.

Syntonium services include:

  • Full Event Production & Management; Working with Conscious Expos, Conferences, Festivals & Special Events
  • Artist/Venue Booking & Promotion; Creating Multimedia Kits, EPKs, Publishing, Social Media, Web Design
  • Personal Enhancement Coaching; Supporting through Life Coaching, Public Speaking & Communication
  • Sustainable Community Planning; Creating Ecovillages, Permaculture, Sustainable Shelter & Food
  • Edutainment & Training Public Speaking; including Live Streaming, Radio Shows & Podcasts


Syntonium is interested in supporting other conscious creatives in getting their work to the masses. We provide support for you to get your message across through a range of techniques from video to written books and from recorded lectures to live transformational workshops.