Personal Empowerment

Your Empowerment results from synergising how you bring what you’ve got from where you are! In other words, it’s about aligning your Passion and Skills with your Biology and your Environment. When we were village living tribes, we knew our place, our passion and our purpose. From this aligned living and being ‘SEEN’ by our tribe, we created the societies we have today. Somewhere along the way systems of fear based control and hoarding resources became the norm. Now more than ever, since leaving the village, we’re realizing we’re all divine creations of the cosmos. We are ALL deserving of the joyful pleasures of being ALIVE and thriving. We are the seekers of divine grace, of the deep remembrance of our actual perfection at our BEING unique, never to be repeated, from the dawn till the end of time. No one can tell you Who You Are. It’s your job to be brave enough to ask:

  • What is my unique creative genius offering ?
  • How can I honor and embrace my true gifts most authentically?
  • What is beyond the edge of my greatest fears? 
  • Who is  actually the ‘I’ whom looks through the eyes of your body and mind?

Creative Genius Coaching & Mentoring

Creative Genius Coaching is about creating a space where you can unfold into your most magnificent creative fulfilled self. It is your self empowerment to courageously say ‘YES’ to Your happiness and a happier life. To shift from fear based choices and behaviours to selecting your future based on investment in your own ‘Self Trust Fund‘, is fundamental. Oftentimes it is in the subtle nature of reality where you can harvest the feedback fro where your joy lies. What is it that gives you a sense of joyful love and appreciation for life?  We explore the questions , ‘Where is your sparkle?’ and ‘What nourishes your shining brilliance?’

Everyone has a Genius within them. The origins of Genius define a ‘moral spirit‘ that guides you through life. From the Latin meaning ‘guardian deity or spirit which watches over each person from birth’. Genius is not something beholden to the ultra smart or ultra talented. It is your unique flavour that you are born with and that grows like nothing has every emerged before it, totally individual to your creative spark. You have the blazing force of 100 trillion atoms within your body, channeled into a sustained potential. Your creative genius will never again be seen anywhere in this Universe at any point in time. You’ve one job, discover where you shine brightest and follow the light into your joyful expression and service to creation itself! What is your Guardian Deity?

Djed-Zen Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation is one of the most powerful and under appreciated tools. Not only is it completely free but it holds keys to inner peace and freedom from limiting beliefs we don’t even know we’re carrying. DjedZen is a practice of stillness within the being that is you. This is to enable an awakening of self behind and before the self has split away from the oneness at core. Words aside, the practice of ‘being’ is one of re-discovering the truth the lies within, awakening to your truth that is revealed to you by you. This can be offered in person or online, in groups or in 1 to 1 session. Markabadi is also able to offer personalised guided meditation recordings. 

Workshop Experiences

Markabadi has spent many years honing his skills as a space holding presenter. He blends humous anecdotes with scientific knowledge to unlock the reflective keys to self realisations. Workshops are fun and engaging, can be carried out to any size group. These experiences are fractal and so can be  expanded or contracted in detail and time. Most can move from a 1hr introduction to an intensive 7 day deep dive immersion.

Shamanic Guidance

Being a safe, open and reflective surface for journeys of all types into the etheric realms of consciousness. Aiding in the reintegration of separated beings, rebalancing the Newtonian logical mind’s and emotion’s place within the Quantum reality realised. From medicines to meditation and through into beyond ones mind.

YogaTengo – Partners Therapeutic Empowerment

Working together with a deep intimate (to make known) partner, theres a shared strength and courage that emerges within the unified center. Here we utilise the dance of being impassioned, enticing the power of the central column, the kundalini to spiral upwards dissolving blockages, scars and wounds in its wake! Free yourself through movement, touch and empowered vision. This system is for any partners, romantic or otherwise, who want to share power distribution equally.