Sometimes reading, watching and self practice is not enough to shift certain habit patterns and limiting beliefs we might have acquired. I provide certain experiences and support for people wanting to transition into personal empowerment and self belief.

These include:

1 to 1 therapy sessions:




  • Holistic Manchester – Social gatherings, conscious creations, encouraging collaborations and discovery in the local community
  • Google Hangouts – Online conferences free and open to all

Individual Sessions with Mark:

Personal 1 to 1 work can be intense and very moving. It’s often the best way to shift your reality and negative habit patterns to another level. You have to feel comfortable with your professional and they have to feel comfortable with you.

“What happens truly is holistic” See Testimonials

My work as a therapist and teacher is built around holding space for my clients. This originates from years of work with other teachers, exploring for myself what happens when I move deep into my own pain. There happens an unfolding simplicity from within your core. This can be stimulated via many different techniques all with a common approach of providing an unconditionally accepting environment for people to unfold into and breathe – “I’m home!”

My individual therapy work is split into 3 areas.


Psychapressure (Holistic Therapy)

Designed to stimulate hidden habit patterns and beliefs locked in the physical, mental and energetic bodies. This work is intense and deep. It presses buttons you didn’t know you had. It is for those who really want to shift to a new level of operation. Transitional and transformation, Psychapressure is a unique platform for integrative medicine and evolution.


Spiritual Life Coaching

This is another unique blend of mine. Life coaching is about helping the client to achieve their goals and find out what practices are getting in the way of that achievement. Spiritual coaching is helping the client to realise their true perfection in the now of being themselves. As such Spiritual Live Coaching is providing a paradoxical space to help you realise what unconstructive habits are getting in your way of achieving goals at the same time as helping you to enjoy the journey. It is from a place of acceptance and joy for living that you can best choose to move forwards, not out of need but out of desire!


Mindfulness Meditation

The practice of meditation is ancient, however it has only recently become more ‘fashionable’ in the Western World. Consistent meditation practise enables the mind to function more accurately and efficiently. Specifically some of the most observable benefits come from frontal lobe activity with regards to focus and attention. Firstly the mind of a meditator is more able to focus upon a task without being distracted. Secondly their minds are more able to multitask to a higher rate. In this fast paced world of information overload, meditation is a life saver. The best news of all is everyone can do it and it’s free!