23rd June – Holistic Manchester social networking event – Solstice & Full moon special – Cecil Rd, Hale, UK, 12-5.

About Transformational Groups

For me the main reason I do the work I do is to provide a space for both my own transformation and that of my clients. I choose to encourage community gatherings that provide a catalyst for expanding individual levels of self acceptance and self esteem. Building self esteem is an important tool for stress management and happiness in relationships, be them personal relationships or working relationships. One of the most important tools at our disposal is the ability to communicate. Communication is key in any relationship and the main sticking point in most conflict. So increasing communication will inevitably decrease conflict and offer resolution to crisis.

I believe this process of gaining wisdom and information should be a fun and interactive one. The learning experience should be dynamic and expanding. The only way we are going to open our most secret hidden locations is if we are brave enough to surrender. The only way we will voluntarily surrender is if we feel safe enough in the group. If you can laugh in a group then you must feel comfortable and thus you are ready for the expansion. This is why I use humor in all my work.

Transformation is the key word here and can happen in any group that has come together with the intent of holding space for healing and wellness.

My groups include

Meditation Classes

Holistic Manchester Social Gatherings

Series of Transformational Workshops