Recently I gave a lecture at the fantastic Gorton Monastery in Manchester, April 2014 on The Scientific Basis of Energy Medicine – I edited the slides into a 40 minute video/audio recording for you to enjoy. Please feel free to embed and share.

Energy medicine can also be known as information medicine – it works on the principle of signals generating instructions for living organisms to interpret and use. This assumes the nature of intelligent and quantum biological systems. The notice that signals can effect biological and mental psychological processes is not new. However standard physicists and biologist are reluctant to look at the evidence form the quantum world of biophysics that explains how very subtle tiny signals can impact upon the living system.

We now know from newly accepted epigenetics that environment can influence the expression and thus affect our genes have on our lives. No longer do we have to buy into the ‘I couldn’t help it, it’s in my genes’ concept. You can see more about this on my blog – On this blog is a link to an interview on the nature of genetics controlling our destiny with Mae Wan Ho, Manjir Samantha Loughton & Charon Surdhar. The idea that we are simply victims to our biology is a trick of the pharmaceuticals to encourage the belief we are in need of chemicals to rebalance the biological machinery, we have no conscious control over. In fact we have mind over matter influence otherwise known as placebo effect. This effect is controlled for in every experiment and has about a 40% effect, usually much more then the drugs being tested for effectiveness. Generally this placebo effect is disregarded as nothing special, just an annoyance. In fact it is you controlling you! Amazing!

Actually our biological systems are far more sensitive to environmental stressors and even other electromagnetic waves even at the most subtle level. Tiny things can have massive effects on the biological system. Every thought and every feeling we have generates a combined electromagnetic signal specific to that thought or feeling. These waves (or signals) move out through our bodies into the environment and can be detected by the very subtle nature of the analogue collagen ‘living matrix’ (Oschman, 2000) in other people. In other words your thoughts and feelings can be detected, admittedly only generally by the subconscious mind, of other people. So be careful what you are thinking or doing as somewhere in the people around you they are ‘hearing’ them!