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#evolve #Meditation Workshop – London 9th Feb -Advantages

Meditation WORKSHOP Immersion, South Kensington, London, Feb 9th 10am-430

Well here we are again – after another intensive Zen Mindfulness (and mindlessness) meditation workshop in the Yurt.

The entire day was spent with courageous students looking more and more deeply …

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#Quantum #Water, #Consciousness & Energy – TV interview & Water Conference

I was recently interviewed on a great TV channel called The People’s Voice –
the show was the Hidden Science, hosted by the wonderful Manjir Samantha-Laughton with Dr Mae-Wan Ho and Dr Gerald Pollack. Both of my fellow guest are …

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Energy Medicine Conference on NOW!!

This is the conference link for the EME 11th of Jan 2014 – Energy Medicine and ACEP conference –

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#Egypt, #Morsi, #PhoneHacking & Freedom of Speech

Today we find ousted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi calm and collective as his trail begins. In court refusing to wear prison clothing he declared “This is a military coup…I am the president of the republic and I am here against

#LAX Shooting, #ThanksGiving & #Diwali – From Darkness to Light

This week birthed another turbulent series of events, with yet another shooting, this time at LAX. The LAX shooting heralds the first time a TSA officer has ever been killed at an airport or even in the line of duty. …

Self acceptance and freedom from negative projection

Most people are fighting against things in their life that they don’t like. This makes perfect sense. Why would you want something that is unpleasant to continue. However there is an issue with this approach. Your fighting against the issue …

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