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#Inspired by Life


Today I feel inspired, today I cherish life in a new way – today I vote for life, for love for acceptance of my self being truth, being authentically me. I, as are you, are unique, we are all …

New Free 5 min #Stress relief – #Zen Hypnosis – Guided #Meditation

Just released a ‘5 min Stress Relief guided meditation – a preview from my forthcoming collaborative album with Kinga Oldham named ‘Zen Hypnosis- Anxiety Release Guided Meditation‘.

This is a soft and inspiring guided meditation embracing the …

#Freedom to Choose is a Trap – #Happiness Imagined & True

Recently I was thinking about choice and if we have any freedom over it whatsoever. I mean everyone hates going to the supermarket and choosing from the 20 different brands of the same washing powder!

Do we actually have choice …

#Yoga #Meditation Embodied Presence Day Workshop – Manchester 24th Nov

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]24th of November 2013 – Manchester Yoga Central, Victoria Warehouse, Manchester, UK

A one day intensive Yoga and Meditation workshop held in Manchester with Lisa Jones and Mark Abadi.

This Embodied Presence Immersion Day is designed to land …

#Gravity of Consciousness – Where does yours lie?

There are plenty of people who talk about gravity with regards to the terrible new film with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, thankfully I’m not!

Think about the term ‘your center of gravity’ and how that feels to you. Where …

#Ego – Our Persistent Personality Prison

The Ego trap

The personality is The Lord of this world and that means the ego too. People often talk about the ego without reference to te personality. In actual fact the ego is the central ground between the yin …